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Love Rose Reed Diffuser


  • AROMA – Himalayan Roses | 100% Pure Essential Oils of Himalayan Roses | No. of Reed Sticks – 10 | Sensuous Aroma of Love with Himalayan Roses.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS & PURE PLANT EXTRACTS – Our Reed Diffuser Oils are hand blended with pure plant hydrosols and essential oils to create divine aromas straight from nature’s paradise.
  • ELEGANT GLASS DIFFUSER & REEDS – Omved’s elegant glass diffuser is specially designed to capture the therapeutic, scent of pure essential oils, dispersing it gently into the air.
  • THERAPY GRADE & CHEMICAL FREE – Not diluted with alcohol, DTG or other chemical surfactants and Thinners
  • LONGER-LASTING EFFECT – Absence of chemicals also mean that they have a stronger aroma and are longer lasting.
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Surrender to the lush beauty of the Himalayan rose gardens with the evocative Kama aroma, an exotic fragrance of roses is all that you need. Relax and unwind as you breathe in the pure fragrance of roses around you.

The most fragrant of blossoms combine to create the sweet natural scent of our Love reed diffuser, with a promise to melt away inhibitions and enhance mood.

Our Diffuser oils have been formulated from 100% pure, undiluted therapeutic grade essential oils revered for centuries in Ayurveda for their restorative properties to body, mind, and spirit.

Enjoy the pure pleasure of truly natural healing scents and the joy and sense of well-being they bring. Inhale, restore and feel peace.


A synergy blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, absolutely natural and undiluted. Using the oil of Himalayan Roses. 0% Alcohol, No Toxic Chemicals.


  • Place diffuser on a flat level surface and insert reed sticks in the glass bottle filled with diffuser oil.
  • After a few minutes turn reeds over to expose oil-moistened part to air. Place reeds in the shape of a fan. Wait for few hours for reeds to absorb and disperse the aroma throughout the room.
  • If you want a stronger scent from your diffuser, use all the reeds and turn daily.
  • For a subtle scent use less reeds and turn less often.
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