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Keeping Well When Monsoon Dwells


First showers of monsoon are heartily welcomed by everyone after experiencing the scorching heat of summer. But monsoons reduce the immunity of our body and make us susceptible to many diseases which are commonly associated with this season. It is time for us to keep our body resistant against diseases by boosting our immunity and taking precautions against these diseases.

The diseases associated with monsoon are malaria, jaundice, gastro intestinal infections like typhoid and cholera. Apart from these, viral infections like cold and cough also make their presence felt. As a precautionary measure against mosquito bite born diseases one can use a mosquito net around the bed and also NATURAL SAFE mosquito repellants like mats and coils.

Puddles of water formed due to rain become breeding grounds for mosquitoes which spread diseases like malaria and dengue fever.  Fumigating the house with smoke of dried neem leaves in evenings for 1-2 minutes is an excellent ayurvedic method to keep mosquitoes away.

Pollution of drinking water during monsoon is very common. It is very necessary to drink clean and pure water when water borne monsoon diseases like diarrhea and gastro intestinal infections threaten us. Drinking boiled water at home is strongly recommended to tap water. Prefer mineral water of government certified companies when you are away from home.

Walking in dirty water during rainy season leads to numerous fungal infections which affect toes and nails. Diabetic patients have to take a special care about their feet. Always keep your feet dry and clean. Avoid walking in dirty water. Keep your shoes, socks and raincoats dry and clean. Drying clothes with fumes of loban and dry neem leaves is recommended in ayurvedic texts.

Precautions have to be taken to prevent dampness and growth of fungus (mold) on and around the house where asthmatic patients live. Avoid fumigation in case of asthmatic patients.

Ayurvedic Tips to increase body immunity and preventing diseases of monsoon

The digestive system gets weakened due to dehydration in summer. This leads to low digestive power. This is further weakened by vitiation of doshas and dhatus due to monsoon. Hence following diets which increase power of digestion and strengthen the digestive system would be beneficial in rainy season.

  • Light foods prepared out of old barley, rice and wheat.
  • Sour and salted soups of vegetables.
  • Drinking boiled and cooled water mixed with little honey.
  • Consuming little quantity of wine prepared out of grapes.
  • Adding ginger and green gram in daily diet.
  • Eating warm food.

Avoid the following

  • Sleeping in daytime.
  • Over physical exertion.
  • Over exposure to sun.
  • Always keep the surrounding dry and clean. Do not allow water to get accumulated around.
  • Keep your body warm as viruses attack immediately when body temperature goes down.
  • Do not enter air conditioned room with wet hair and damp cloths.
  • Dry your feet and webs with soft dry cloth whenever they are wet.
  • Wash vegetables with clean water and steam them well to kill germs.
  • Avoid eating uncooked foods and salads.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep your body well hydrated.
  • Do not allow kids to play in stagnant polluted water filled puddles.

Ayurvedic Home remedies for Monsoon diseases

  • Apply castor oil or sesame oil for cracked feet and skin.
  • A freshly prepared paste of turmeric, neem and sesame seeds is recommended in ayurveda for fungal infection between toes.
  • Drink a glass of warm water mixed with a tea spoon of honey in empty stomach. This flushes out accumulated toxins.
  • Freshly prepared radish juice is the best remedy for cold.
  • A pinch each of long pepper powder and rock salt mixed in warm water reduces cough

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Watch this space for some awesome recipes that we will be posting shortly!

This post has been written by Dr.Savitha Suri Vaidya for the Omved Blog. 

How to cure acne at home


Pimples or acne are normal skin condition that can affect many people. Acne is caused when an inflammation of the skin occurs in which the sebaceous glands of the skin are infected with bacteria. The skin tends to swell and fill with pus that can be extremely painful. The excess sebum secretion by the oil glands is the main cause of breakouts, acne and pimples. Pimples primarily occur on the face and in some cases can also occur in the shoulders, back and the neck.

Most people attribute the cause of acne as hereditary or the skin type. There are a lot of lotions and creams available over the counter that can tackle the issues, but the solution is momentary and after a period of time the acne tends to reappear. The best way to tackle acne is to stick to home remedies that work on nipping the issue from the start point, so you are assured of great skin with some efforts that you will need to make. So what are the ways in which you can turn to home remedies and work on getting rid of the acne? Follow these listed steps to get radiant and clear skin

1. Clean up your diet.

What you eat is what shows on the face. Now that you are done with the binging and the party season, it is time to watch your diet and eat sensibly. Eat a lot of fruit salads, fruits and freshly cooked food. These are not just nutritious but also healthy for you and your skin. Eating healthy helps to flush out toxins from your body. Stay away from foods that are hot and spicy. Avoid caffeine intake, instead, opt for warm herbal teas that work towards cleansing your body. Vitamin A strengthens the protective tissue of the skin. Not just that it also helps to prevent acne, so include a lot of carrots (they are rich in Vitamin A) in your meal if you want to get rid of that acne!

2. Use lemons.

Did you know that lemons are an effective way of getting rid of the acne? Lemon juices are rich in Vitamin C and it helps to dry the pimples and breakouts faster. Ensure that you use fresh lemon juice, concentrates or bottled juices will not work. We’ve listed how you can use lemon juice to combat the breakouts. Squeeze the juice of fresh lime. Take a clean cotton swab and dip it in the juice and apply on the affected areas. Leave it overnight if you can for better results. You may experience a tingling sensation for a few seconds post the application. Mix a teaspoon of fresh lime juice with a pinch of turmeric and cinnamon powder. Apply on the affected areas and leave it ion for at least an hour. Wash off with lukewarm water. Do this daily to get rid of the acne and breakouts. This mix may not work for people with sensitive skin and can lead to a rash.

3. Indulge in Exercise.

People who indulge in exercise are less likely to be prone to acne and breakouts because most of the toxins are flushed out with the sweating when they exercise. Sweat is known to detox the skin and give it a radiant glow. A few minutes of yoga will make your skin look refreshed and rejuvenated. And if you exercise, you are less likely to choose foods that harm. You will opt for healthy options instead.

 4. Use natural cleansers

omved all skin ubtan


Most facial cleaners available in the market can contain harsh chemicals that can aggravate the problem of breakouts. Stick to home remedies that are soothing to the skin and most importantly you know what is in it! A paste of besan with a pinch of turmeric and rose water makes an excellent face wash. The ubtan pack from Omved is an excellent option that works wonderfully on sensitive skin, You can use it as a scrub as well as a face-wash. 

How to Purify Homes with Dhoop


Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to purify your living spaces. In the olden days, it was a ritual to purify homes with dhoop. Dhoops have been long used to cleanse the surroundings from any lingering negative energies and purify the air to welcome an abundance of pure and positive energies.

Whether it is to usher in auspicious beginnings, cleanse the air of unhealthy airborne micro-organisms, invoke a spirit of divinity or just make your home completely bug and insect free naturally, we have a selection of specially hand-made dhoops for every occasion.

Let’s have a look at some of the commonly used ingredients in our range of dhoops. We’ve also listed the reasons why we use it and also the subtle benefits that come with them. Let’s get ready to purify homes with dhoop, specially in this season of festivities.



Faith - Sandalwood Incense Powder


Sandalwood paste and powder are extracted from the trunk of sandalwood tree.  It is the most common cleansing fragrance that is used in a variety of incense.

A highly prized ingredient, sandalwood rightfully enjoys the position of celebratory element in our traditions. As they say, there is nothing better than sandalwood to usher in auspicious beginnings. We’ve listed some of the benefits of sandalwood when used in our dhoops:

  • since it is woody, it burns quickly and the warm and smoky fragrance lingers for a long time after it is burnt.
  • sandalwood is known to alleviate the mood and when used as a part of aromatherapy, it helps to promote relaxation.
  • sandalwood is known to have the power to attract the positive universal energy and when burnt, it would usher in auspiciousness and ensure an obstacle-free celebration.

To heighten your celebrations and add zest to them with sandalwood, you can choose from our vibrant range of natural and non-toxic products such as Faith dhoop incense powders, Sandalwood ayurvedic incense sticks or even our Celebrate soy wax candles which work beautifully to spread joy, and purify your home.



purify - frankincense dhoop


Frankincense has a special mention in the texts of Ayurveda. Often used in aromatherapy, it also offers a variety of health benefits; ranging from relieving anxiety, boosting immunity, inducing a sense of calm and also working as an excellent disinfectant.

Frankincense is widely used in our range of aromatherapy products. Agarbattis or incense sticks, incense cones, and dhoops when combined with frankincense work magically in many ways. We’ve listed some of the benefits of frankincense when used in our dhoops:

  • the smoldering smoke from the dhoop works as an antiseptic and disinfectant.
  • the lingering fragrance helps to cleanse the air of unhealthy airborne micro-organisms.
  • the tranquil fragrance is also known to induce a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Besides, all our dhoop powders such as Celebrate, Purify, Faith, Protect and Repel, Frankincense is also a vital ingredient in Focus ayurvedic incense sticks or agarbattis. Frankincense is a wonderful herb that is also known to invoke a feeling of divinity as its fragrance spreads in your living areas. It is advisable to burn dhoops on a regular basis to cleanse and purify the air in your home.


protect - cinnamon dhoop


Made from resin obtained from tree barks, myrrh when burnt on hot embers releases a smoky & sweet fragrance. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional healing therapies and also in religious and auspicious ceremonies.

Myrrh, like most of the ingredients in our range of dhoops is used to cleanse the air and promote a sense of happiness and joy. We’ve listed some of the benefits of myrrh when used in our dhoops:

  • the fragrance invokes a sense of devotion that is traditionally used to support or enhance times of prayer.
  • it supports meditation because the fragrances helps to improve focus and concentration levels.
  • it helps to cleanse the air which in turn promotes a cleaner air to breathe.

Myrrh is another powerful ingredient that is known to deepen meditation and spiritual practice. 

Omved’s range of dhoops use pure and therapeutic grade essential oils and herbs because they contain a great quantity of prana, the vital cosmic energy that purifies and open the subtle channels providing energy to all levels of the body with the maximum vitality and effectiveness.


Faith Dhoop

Celebrate Dhoop Repel Mashaka Dhoop Protect Dhoop Purify Shuddhi Dhoop

How we make our dhoops

Omved dhoops; loose incense blends, are made from 100% organic ingredients and are blended strictly following the Panchamahabhoot (the five elements) principle of Ayurveda. Each blend is thus a complex aromatic blend of – seeds and fruits representing Ether, stems & branches representing Water, roots representing Earth, flowers and buds representing Fire, and leaves representing Air.
OMVED’s range of dhoop samplers, dhoop blends, dhoopdans and kits make it easy to transform your home into an enchanted sanctuary of peace and spirituality. So which one of these dhoops are you buying today?

How to have a healthy pregnancy – Tips and advice


Pregnancy, the wonderful time when your heart is filled with immense love for an unborn soul and your mind is consumed with the single priority of giving your child the healthiest start. However, for some these days of wait and wonder can often turn into days juggling nausea or mood swings or strange cravings or all of the above!

You may be worried sick (literally!) about what you are eating, what you are wearing, what you put on your skin, how much or how little you exercise. Panic attacks about all the gadgets that you might need; the right pillow the right shoes, the right cream and so on. But pregnancy need not equate to guilt trips and anxiety attacks. Nor should it be a 360° overhaul of your lifestyle, home or bank account.

These are a few of the most valuable tips I have culled over time, building on my own experience, advise from medical practitioners and Ayurveda and Yoga masters. Simple effective, time tested tips that debunk myths and sieves the sense from the chaff. Here they are; to help you have the healthiest, happiest and most natural pregnancy.

Conscious eating

750 extra calories are needed a day when you are pregnant or ‘eating for two’! For a lot of unaware mothers-to-be, this sounds like a free ticket to feastdom! However, caution, eating more than what is needed can simply lend to adding empty calories and extra weight putting you and your baby at risk. Surveys now show that roughly half of all pregnant women are overweight or obese!

A natural healthy pregnancy begins with a natural diet. You and your choices of food are your little one’s only source of nutrition. Ayurveda recommends ‘sattvic’ food –foods that are abundant in prana – the universal life-force that nourishes all living things. This not only refers to vegetarian foods but also foods that are grown without herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, irradiation; in short without anything toxic and unnatural. Refined, packaged, canned, processed foods are excluded and so are foods that are fried, fermented, or leftover since the life energy of these foods has been depleted or greatly reduced rendering them heavy and lifeless. Highly stimulating foods like caffeine, sugars or highly spiced dishes need to be had in limits. Sattvic foods include nuts, fruits, seeds, beans, vegetables, whole grains and dairy.

Aspire to a healthy well balanced diet with the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, healthy fats, fiber, and water. This can be easier done by eating a wide variety of wholesome foods every day since each food has a unique mixture of nutrients.

Green leafy vegetables are a must since they among other nutrients are an important source of folic acid. If having them as a salad does not sound appetizing you can try them as green smoothies or juices.

Stock up on healthy energy-sustaining snacks and eat them often during the day. Again enjoy a variety – ranging from fruits, muesli bars, nuts, protein biscuits, dates and so on. Have some always with you. Eating small snacks every two hours goes a long way in preventing morning sickness.

Do start the day with a hearty breakfast. Ayurveda suggests a warm freshly prepared healthy one.

Conscious eating also includes:

  • Mindful preparation – use iron skillets, stainless steel, earthen ware to cook your food avoiding strictly Teflon and other toxic non-stick cooking pans and pots. 
  • Mindful storing – use steel, stoneware, etc and avoid toxin leaching plastic containers 
  • Mindful eating – take a few minutes to sit and eat. Avoid rushing and eating on the go. 


Regular exercise must be a vital part of your health routine (unless prescribed otherwise by your doctor). Studies show that daily exercises done during the first trimester reduce complications from arising later on in the pregnancy. Exercising increases circulation improves posture and firms muscles.

Exercises that are advisable include walking, swimming, gentle yoga stretches, weight-bearing exercises, pilates and low impact aerobic. The most important thing to remember, enjoy whatever exercise regime you choose. Pregnancy is a time to be filled with positivity and joy. If a workout sounds tiresome and boring take a dance lesson or a walk in nature instead.

Do listen to your body and do not overdo activities. Balance with enough pampered rest.

Rest, relax and sleep

For a mother-to-be, resting consciously sometimes can be hard, with all the excitement, anxiety and things-to-do lists! However, building ‘me-times’ during the day is pivotal to your health. It is one of the four pillars of health according to Ayurveda. (ahar (food intake) achar (lifestyle, routine) vihar (relaxation, recreation) and vichar (thoughts/belief).

Schedule a few ‘quiet moment’ times during the day; even if it is just to put your feet up, close your eyes and listen to some soothing music. Use these moments to ask yourself how you are feeling emotionally and physically, and listen to the answers. Some ‘down time’ in the evening before bedtime works wonders in lulling you into a sound restorative night’s sleep.

Pregnancy is a time when you should take complete care of yourself and your growing baby. With positive thoughts and the right approaches to your pregnancy, you can boost your chances of having a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby!
This is the first post of a two part post on healthy pregnancy written by the founder of Omved, Priti Mehta.  

Enjoying the journey of being a mom

How to stop baby crying from Colic, Cold & Cough

In our last post we talked about tips to a healthy pregnancy. In this concluding post, we talk about how to have a happy pregnancy as you embrace the journey of motherhood.

Think positive joyful thoughts

Science has proven that it’s not only the food and nutrition that a mother has that gets shared by the child in the womb but even your state of mind. All that you consciously and subconsciously experience, think and feel are all transmitted to your child and affect his/her mental, behavioural and personality development according to ancient Ayurvedic scriptures.

  • Avoid watching or reading upsetting negative news stories and horror, violent and tragic movies. Stay away from arguments, fights, long-winded discussions. Surround yourself with love, positivity and peace.
  • Enjoy every moment, happy and sad, every comfort and discomfort, every experience. Don’t waste away these precious days in waiting for the baby to be born. Enjoy the present moment.
  • Spend a few minutes just being alone with your baby. This is physically, the closest you will ever be with your little one and use these days to cherish that.
  • Begin and end your day with a small prayer wishing good health, love and peace to all.

Breathe safe

In the obsessive pursuit of putting the right things in their bodies, mothers-to-be often overlook what they are putting on their bodies. Our skin is like a sponge and absorbs over 60 to 70% of all that gets applied on it! While safe cosmetics are a must at all times of one’s life, during pregnancy it is even more paramount.

Toxic chemicals in skin and hair care products that get absorbed into our bodies over time can affect yours and your baby’s nervous systems, reproductive systems and cause other health ailments. Your baby’s blood-brain barrier is not formed yet so neurotoxins from some chemicals can easily pass through from your blood and affect your child.

  • Do read labels and seek out natural ‘safe cosmetics’. Some dangerous ingredients to watch out for are – sulfates(SLS, SLES), parabens, petrochemicals (eg mineral oil, Vaseline), talc, phthalates (eg perfumes), DEA, MEA, TEA, glycols, PEG, Triclosan, Hydroquinone.
  • A great website to check your products safety is www.skindeep.org.
  • Also pay equal heed to the air inside your home. Use natural products to clean your house, wash your clothes and fertilise your lawn.


One of the best things I have learnt from Ayurveda is to begin every morning with a walk in sunshine. 10 to 15 minute exposure to the sun keeps your vitamin D level at its optimum. This is not only crucial for your own bone strength and your baby’s bone development but also uplifts your spirit and refreshes you.

Bits and pieces

Some other bits of advice –

  • Aromatherapy – Pamper yourself to regular (pregnancy safe) massages, burn an aromatic soy candle, incense or diffuse essential oils. Caution – oils should be pure therapeutic grade and pregnancy safe. Some essential oils that are wonderful during pregnancy – lavender, orange, ylang ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, cypress, geranium, tea tree. Some oils to avoid – lemon, jasmine, peppermint and rose.
  • Tea – Herbal teas (made without ‘tea leaves’ from fruits, flowers, seeds, berries and leaves can be a good source for additional nutrients. Morning nausea can be eased with a tea made from peppermint leaves and a bit of ginger. Red raspberry tea is mothers-to be favourite due to its rich source of iron, uterine health booster and is known to help in easy labour. Have it after the first trimester though. From the Ayurvedic kitchen try a Brahmi and Yashtimadhu tea in the first trimester, Ashwagandha and Guduchi tea in the second and Gokshura and Sariva tea in the third.
  • Music – listen often in the day to soothing music. Instrumental music especially Sitar is known to have a calming effect on the soul. Practise deep yogic breathing while listening to music.
  • Walnuts, Flaxseeds and other plant sources are a good source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Do have some daily.
  • Wear organic loose fitting clothes and sleep in sheets made of organic fabric.

Remember healthy plants grow from healthy seeds. Nurture yourself with positivity, nourishing food and plenty of rest for a healthy happy and natural pregnancy.

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Go healthy this season

Healthy foods to have

Winter is usually characterized by the color gray, with everything appearing all dull and dreary. If you are looking at ways to go healthy this season, then you need to share and bookmark this post.

Winter is the season that is generally associated with less activity, due to the weather. It is also the time most people prefer staying indoors, wrapped up in a warm blanket and sipping cups of piping hot tea. People also tend to feel hungrier during winter, which can result in random binge eating.

Go healthy this season – 8 ways to detox this winter

While this may sound comforting, it isn’t exactly the best way to detox your body this season! According to Ayurveda, winter is the time the kapha dosha (Click here to know about your doshas) builds up within the body. Along with the accumulation of toxins, called Ama, this can weaken your digestion and immunity. To cleanse your body of toxins and to recharge yourself inside out, it is recommended to follow a detoxification regimen. Here are a few ways you can detox your body this winter.

Have a detox drink everyday

There are a variety of detox drinks you can have during winter, made with antioxidant ingredients like ginger and other root vegetables. It’s best to avoid sugar during this season to keep the detox pure. Eating healthy foods that are warm is a must in this season. You can explore some of the recipes that we have already shared in our blog.

Take care of your skin

Your skin also needs a detox! You need to choose a healthy skin and hair care regime with a range of products that are chemical-free and devoid of toxins. Some of the tips that can benefit your skin and hair are:

Eat the freshest food available

Ayurveda says that ‘old’ food increases Ama in the body. ‘Old’ here refers to packaged, canned, frozen and even leftovers. Try to eat food as soon as it is cooked, and make meals using the freshest ingredients you can lay your hands on.

Buy organic

Organic food may cost a little more than your regular supermarket fare, but it’s completely worth the extra cost. Pesticides and other chemicals in food can increase the toxins in your body, negating all the effects of its nutrients.

Stay hydrated


While drinking water comes naturally to us during the hot summer months, it’s something that gets ignored during winter. Ensure your prescribed water intake – 8-10 glasses of warm water every day. Taking these simple precautions in winter season can help increase your immunity too.

Practice winter yoga


Winter means stiff muscles, so always start your yoga practice with a little warm up to loosen them. Pigeon Pose, Fish Pose and Downward Facing Dog are great poses for winter as is Surya Namaskar.

Load up on spices

Your spice box is no less than a medicine cabinet, especially in winter! Liberally use cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, fennel, cumin and nutmeg in your food and drink. Besides adding that zing to your meals, these spices also have warming properties.

Sleep longer

A natural consequence of the cold season is wanting to sleep more. So listen to your body and respect its need to sleep in a little more in the mornings. However, don’t make this an excuse to sleep later at night! Good rest is crucial for any detox, so don’t deprive your body.

With these tips, you’ll be all new and shiny by springtime! So get ready and stock up on spices, apples, pears and leafy greens. Put on your biggest smile and soak in the winter sun!  

Super Foods For Breastfeeding Mothers

breast feeding babies

It is well-known that breastfeeding the baby helps a nursing mother burn calories and lose pregnancy weight faster. Breastfeeding has multiple advantages such as improving the bond between mother and baby, increasing blood circulation, boosting the baby’s immunity and offering the child the best form of nutrition. While breast feeding comes with numerous benefits, sometimes it can also phttps://www.omved.com/blog/ayurveda-and-breastfeeding/ose many challenges. Having a steady flow of breast milk is important if you choose to keep your baby on breastfeeding for the initial months. To increase blood circulation and increase the milk flow by opening the milk ducts, the nursing mother can choose a 100% natural, gel-free nursing breast compress.

While some nursing mothers may be able to have the desired supply of milk to feed the little one, sometimes it may not be possible to get the adequate supply because of various reasons that can range from an illness or an intake of medicines that can hamper the hormones.

It is important to consult your doctor to get the right diagnosis and undergo a treatment if required. However, there are some super foods for breastfeeding mothers that can help them increase the breast milk production.

There are a lot of traditional foods that aid in increasing breast milk production. It is important to maintain a healthy diet and choose the right foods when you are breast-feeding.

Here is our list of super healthy foods for breastfeeding moms.

Best Food for Nursing Mothers – Oatmeal

Oats are a good option to increase the quantity of breast milk. Eating a bowl of warm oats is not just a nourishing breakfast but also is a wholesome meal in itself. You can add some dry fruits to the bowl of oats or fresh seasonal fruits to make it more delicious.

Quick Recipe – Oats in Almond Milk

  • Soak 20 almonds in water overnight
  • Peel the skin and grind in a blender with water.
  • Strain and you are ready to use the almond milk.
  • Cook oats in water till ready.
  • Add the almond milk, some sweetener, powdered cardamom and fresh fruits.

You can also add some chopped dry fruits to the oats. Dry fruits like nuts are a healthy protein source for nursing mothers.

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Got the post-partum blues? Add some ginger in your diet, apart from meeting your doctor! Ginger increases your immunity levels and  has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties too.

It is a warm herb that also helps to get rid of flatulence and reduces bloating. You can boil some fresh ginger in water, add a bit of natural sweeteners and the juice of a lime to enjoy a mildly flavoured tea. Ginger is known to help facilitate better absorption of nutrients and promoting better blood circulation.

Good Food for a Breastfeeding Mother –  Pomegranate

If you are predominantly a kapha and pitta dosha type individual, adding pomegranate juice to your diet can help to increase the production of breast milk.  If you have a predominant vata dosha, then avoid it. Pomegranates are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It is also a great blood purifier and helps to flush out toxins from the body.

Don’t know your dosha type? Click here to know your dosha.


Garlic helps to increase the production of breast milk. It helps to maintain heat in the body and supports digestion. It helps to increase immunity levels and aid in lactation as well. When you consume cooked garlic, it helps to detox the body and flush out toxins. Add garlic to your food liberally, especially in lentils and veggies that you consume.

Brown Rice

Most new moms are in a hurry to get back into shape post the delivery and could look at cutting carbs to lose weight quickly. Losing weight quickly can affect the supply of milk and also leave you feeling fatigued. Instead of eating white rice, you can opt for brown rice that is healthier for you. Brown rice is also a great energy booster and will also provide you with the right nutrients needed to increase the production of breast milk.

Foods to Increase Milk Production in Nursing Mothers – Fenugreek Or Methi

One of the oldest herbs used to increase the supply of breast milk, fenugreek or methi should be used in a nursing mother’s diet.

Fenugreek  is also known to alleviate symptoms of gas or flatulence and helps in digestion. Adding a bit of fenugreek seeds in food can help to stimulate their milk supply. You can also add dried fenugreek powder to soups and teas for a variation.

Recommended Read: Using Omved’s Nursing Breast Compress

What are some of your tried and tested remedies to increase breast milk production? Share your tips and comments with us.

Ayurvedic Solutions for Sound Sleep


Just as it is essential to have a consistent and healthy routine for the daytime, it is equally essential to have a relaxing routine for your sleep time that will help you wind-down and de-stress. Calming and relaxing activities contribute to quieten the stressed mind and promote a sound sleep.

With the hectic schedules we face each day, it is normal for the stress to accumulate. By following a proper schedule every day to unwind, you can promote relaxation for your body that in turn can help you sleep better.

On the occasion of the 11th World Sleep Day, we intend to propagate the importance of healthy sleep while reducing the burden of sleep disorders on society.
At Omved, we believe in following natural solutions and therapies to effectively prevent and manage these disorders. Let’s look at some natural remedies for sound sleep that can rest you through the night, fight with insomnia, sleep apnea and wake you up with high energy levels.

When you set a regime or follow a routine, you are prepping your mind and body for what is to come. For example, eating a light and a warm meal before 7 in the evening is one of the first steps to sleeping well.

Of course, after a particularly tiring day, you may also want to pamper yourself just a bit before you retire for the night to sleep better. Let’s look at some of the ways you can promote a good sleep.

1. A Warm Bath is One of the Easy Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

Ayurvedic solutions for sound sleep

There is nothing more relaxing than a warm bath to soothe the tired body. A quick bath helps to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress levels and promote better sleep. A warm shower helps to lower the core temperature that in turn sends a signal to your body that it is time to relax.  A warm shower also helps to relax your joints and muscles by causing your blood vessels to dilate.  Did you know that a warm shower is great to loosen that stiff neck and reduce the shoulder pain too?

Directions: Fill the bucket or the bathtub with hot to warm water. Once the tub is filled about halfway, add a handful of epsom salts and a few drops of some essential oils such as the relaxing shantam blend in your drawn bath water.Or if you are taking a shower, apply a bit of our bath oils and have a warm shower to wash off the oils.

2. Ayurvedic Sleep Remedy – Oil the Feet Before Bedtime

This seemingly simple ritual works wonders to relax your tired feet. Take a generous quantity of our relaxing foot oil and massage each foot for a few minutes. Omved Bronze Foot Massager can be an ideal accompaniment for a rejuvenating foot massage. Use firm downward strokes that will help to bring the energy levels down. You will also notice a calmer mind and relaxed body after the foot massage. You may also read more about padabhyanga or foot massage here.

Click here to buy the Daily Night Foot Massage Oil.

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3. Meditation – One of the Best Natural Sleep Remedy

A short meditation session is an excellent way to end the evening. It helps to calm your mind and de-stress. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. Sit still for a few minutes to release the pent up tension. You can also meditate just before you sleep.  You can perform the meditation in Shavasana (corpse pose). Aim for at least 10 minutes to meditate so that it can relax you completely.

Light an essential oil diffuser and add a few drops of the nidra essential oil blend to let the wonderful fragrance of lavender calm you and have a blissful sleep.

Using the right pillow makes a difference to your sleeping.  For example Omved Buckwheat Pillow allows constant air circulation in comparison to synthetic fibre pillows. With constant air circulation, the pillow keeps you cool and dry.

Did you know that a buckwheat pillow will not change its shape or compress under pressure which allows it to reduce the stress on your spine, head and neck? Buckwheat pillows, besides orthopaedic reasons, are recommended by chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists to aid in sleeplessness, allergies, reduce headaches, migraines, snoring, TMJ syndrome, cervical and lumbar subluxations, sleep apnea, etc. Buy Omved’s Buckwheat Pillow here.

You need to keep in mind that how you go about the entire day will affect your sleep patterns as well. Establish a healthy daytime routine, eat healthy foods and stay calm to ensure that you sleep well!

Note: The recommended products do not claim to cure any sleep disorders. It is best to consult your doctor/physician in case your sleep disorder persists.

Why New Mothers Should Breastfeed their Babies?


Breastfeeding Benefits for New Mom and Baby

In modern times breastfeeding, or nursing the infant, is associated with a lot of taboos. New parents, especially mothers, are totally clueless about whether the mother should breastfeed the baby or feed a combination of formulated milk.

To dispel these doubts, here are six major benefits of breastfeeding that will convince you of its benefits over any kind of formulated milk.

Major Advantages of Breastfeeding:

1. Best Food for the Baby

To begin with, breast milk is undoubtedly the best food for the baby. It contains vitamins, minerals and fat, and is easy to digest for the baby. It also contains antibodies which actually help in building a stronger immunity system. Moreover, if you exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first six months the chances of the baby contracting diarrhea, ear infections and meningitis go down drastically.

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2. Better Health of the Child in future

Breastfed children are less susceptible to juvenile diabetes, heart diseases and cancer before the age of fifteen. So, the benefits of breastfeeding go beyond the breastfeeding stage in your child’s life.

3. Increases Immunity and Protects from Allergic Reactions

Scientists argue that breastfeeding is immensely beneficial in increasing immunity of the child. There are certain immune factors such as secretory Immunoglobulin A (IgA), usually found in large quantities in the mother’s first milk, known as colostrums, that protect your baby from a lot of allergic reaction.

4. Lesser Chance of Obesity

As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, breastfeeding decreases the chance of obesity in children. Research studies show that the breastfed babies have healthier eating patterns and they do not gain weight as rapidly as babies who have been fed formulated milk.

5. Advantages of Breastfeeding for Nursing Moms

Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for the baby but even for the nursing mother. Take a look –

Breastfeeding your baby burns calories so it effectively helps you to lose pregnancy weight faster. Additionally, if you want to improve blood circulation you can choose a 100% natural, gel-free breast compress with amazing benefits.

During Breastfeeding, your body releases a hormone called Oxytocin, which helps your uterus to regain its earlier shape. It can also aid in reducing or stopping the uterine bleeding post-delivery.

It is said that breastfeeding lowers the chances of ovarian and breast cancer.

It can also help you recover from post-partum depression better.

6. Best option as compared to anything else including Formulated Milk

Nevertheless, breastfeeding is by far the best option as compared to any other food for your baby. It is also less consuming and economical than using formulated milk. Most importantly, it also reduces the probability of your baby falling ill and therefore avoiding doctors and hospital treatment.

Also, to improve blood circulation and encourage milk flow, one can also choose Omved’s 100% natural nursing breast compress.

Several studies show the amazing benefits of breastfeeding and it goes to show without doubt that breast feeding is a win-win situation, after all.

Valentine’s Day Contest by Omved


It is the season of love! And of course love must begin with YOU. You, choosing to love yourself. You, choosing to love your body – skin and hair, and pamper it! Complete love needs a natural and organic care routine with lasting positive effects.

So this Valentine’s Day, celebrate with us and fall in love with our range of hand-picked natural products that will become a part of your daily beauty regime. The Valentine’s Day Contest by Omved gives you a chance to win some fab goodies for yourself!

Let’s first quickly tell you why you need natural products in general and Omved in particular!

  1. Natural products are safer – Yes! They are! Chemical laden products can have a long term side effect, while natural, non-toxic and SAFE products such as ours (Omved is the first and only Indian brand to take the global Safe Cosmetic Pledge of which are only a handful of others in the world) not only smell like a spa at home but actually have therapeutic benefits! They are therapy in bottles! What is there not to love?
  2. Better skin care – Omved’s natural skincare based on ancient Vedic traditions, formulated with modern technologies, doused with pure essential oils and packaged in safe containers, makes for holistic skin love! No mineral oils, parabens, sulphates, glycols and other nasties! Pure botanical extracts, undiluted with cheap fillers and free of skin-clogging, ingredients, penetrate the skin to nourish from deep within! The skin love is sure to show; beauty inside and out!
  3. Natural products are better for the environment – Since Omved products are bio-degradable, you need not worry about adding to overfilling landfill. Not only do our products but also our packaging reflect our core guiding principle of reduce, recycle and reuse! Minimal packaging, aluminium and glass containers, recycled paper cartons, all add to love; love for the earth we share!
  4. Organic Products are long-lasting – Not just in terms of time duration that they can be used but more importantly for their the long-lasting visible benefits. Our kokum butter lip balms stay on for hours without need of reapplication while our intense moisturizing cream is truly that – intense; nourishing and hydrating the skin for days!

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