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We’ve seen the Earth-pledges and the Green-slogans of ‘it all starts with YOU’ and ‘Save the world’ and ‘Change the environment’ and do your bit on this World Environment Day.

We’ve seen the Earth-pledges and the Green-slogans of ‘it all starts with YOU’ and ‘Save the world’ and ‘Change the environment’ and do your bit on this World Environment Day. But saving the environment not only begins with you but it also benefits YOU the most!

Did you know that ‘being green’ is the number ONE way to beautiful healthy skin? Yes, it’s true! And we have proof; scientific and researched statistics! How do we know? Because we used this exact logic when formulating Omved products – making not only at what is good for the macro world but also the micro world of our skin!

Our results-driven products are natural, safe, vegan, bio-degradable, fair-trade and cruelty-free! Who said the beauty-enhancing business is selfish and self-obsessed? So on this World Environment Day, lets look at how being green equals being beautiful.

Here are 3 easy sure-shot most effective ‘beauty tips’ that also double as brownie points to being an environment-friendly Earthling.

1. How to Have Beautiful Skin – Less is  More

 Get Healthy and Beautiful Skin Naturally

Between shampoos, toothpaste, face creams, deodorant, cosmetics and so on, the average woman uses 12 toiletries containing 168 different ingredients daily! (2006 Safe Skincare Research) Most of these ingredients contain undisclosed (and often blatantly disclosed) toxic chemicals that are dangerous to your health. And of course these chemicals leach toxins in the environment

TIP: Mirroring the first rule of being green; REDUCE (followed by reuse and recycle), in following a beauty regime too, less than more is advised. The fewer you use the better, particularly with products that remain on the skin for long periods of time. And of course along with using just a few skin care products it is imperative that these products are made with natural ingredients. Follow a simple regime with minimal, non-toxic personal care products (‘Safe Cosmetics’).  For eg. Using a natural botanical soap like Omved’s ANANDA bath bar needs neither follow up with body lotion (its hydrating enough) nor body mists (its divinely aromatic)!

2. How to Get Healthy Skin –Detox Your Skin

Get Healthy and Beautiful Skin Naturally

As you know already, your skin is not only your largest organ; it is also the thinnest! The 1/10th of an inch permeable membrane allows about 60% (at the least) of all products applied to easily enter your bloodstream and thereby the whole body. Doing the maths this means researchers aver that an average woman will absorb 2.26 kilos of chemicals each year! Many of these ingredients like petroleum products (eg. mineral oils, paraffin, petrolatum, vaseline etc.) coat the skin like plastic – clogging pores and creating a build-up of toxins setting the stage for illness and disease.

GREEN TIP – Choose products that are natural made from organic ingredients; they would merely interact with the body’s natural processes and be expelled. No build up! Being green equals being beautiful in many ways! You are choosing a healthier skin regime for yourself.

Here is an easy motivation method Rate the toxicity of products you use every day (use the “search” field on the Skin Deep website, enter the name of your product to receive the toxicity rate (on a scale from 0-10). Now label your personal care products with the toxicity number (try sticky notes or permanent markers)! We guarantee, within a week you will be motivated to find alternatives! 

3. The Temptations Beauty Is Only Skin Deep – Stop the Aging

Get Healthy and Beautiful Skin Naturally

Commercial chemically laden cosmetics in their lure of ‘instant whiteness’ and ‘immortal skin’ often successfully deliver ‘visible’ differences of smoothness and brightness. However along with this very short term superficial gain, they also release dangerous toxins, known to contribute to cancer, nerve damage, and infertility, into your skin. And whether that happens or not, more and more research is concluding that you are at risk of premature aging if you use chemicals continuously. Toxic cocktails you use may actually damage skin cells; speeding the formation of wrinkles, age spots, and worse. Naturally chosen ingredients in our products penetrate into the skin layers to heal and restore damaged skin cells.

night cream for ageing Our Gotu Kola cream is packed with natural ingredients that helps to delay signs of ageing with the natural ingredients used.

GREEN TIP: Natural skin care products are made from non-artificial ingredients like natural oils, plants, fruit extracts and fruit acids. Botanical extracts are rich in anti-aging enzymes and anti-oxidants that assist in slowing down the aging process and creating a younger looking skin. Choose natural holistic formulations for longer lasting youthfulness that’s also safe on your health and that is precisely why we say being green equals being beautiful


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