Calm Reed Diffuser

Jasmine Aroma Therapy

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Delicate Jasmine blossoms combined in a complex blend of essential oils for a comforting aroma that promises to relieve your stress, clear your mind and guide you to serenity.

  • 100% SAFE – vegetable derived reed base oil; NO alcohol, DTG or VOC.
  • PURE AROMA THERAPEUTIC - phthalate-free enhanced blend of essential oils.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY high quality glass packaging, smokeless, long-lasting.
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Calm & Comfort. Euphoric and soothing aroma.

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This elegant glass diffuser captures the therapeutic, comforting scent of Jasmine blossoms, which is drawn into natural reeds, dispersing a constant yet subtle fragrance of comforting tranquility, an escape from the daily pressures of life.


  • PURE AROMA - 100% safe, not diluted with alcohol, DPG or other chemical solvents.

  • SAFE TO USE - Smokeless, flameless aroma therapeutic alternative.

  • EARTH-FRIENDLY - Artisinal elegant glass diffusers and non-bleached rattan reeds in recyclable packaging.

Power ingredients

Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum): The richly floral, deep and sweet aroma of Jasmine is euphoric and soothing. enhancing confidence and optimism while comforting the mind when emotions are running wild. Solvent extracted from Jasmine blooms handpicked at night, the rich and comforting aroma creates a mood ideal for relaxation, meditative practice, or yoga. Jasmine in our Calm reed diffuser not only disperses a wonderful aroma but also creates an environment that is relaxing and serene.

Step 1: Remove the bottle cap and place reeds in the bottle.

Step 2: After a few minutes turn reeds over to expose oil-moistened part to air.

Step 3: Wait a few hours for reeds to naturally draw and diffuse the aromatic scent. 

Step 4: Add or remove sticks to vary the intensity of the aroma. - Flip the reeds every other week for added life. 

Caution: Avoid contact with polished, painted or synthetic surfaces. For external use only.

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"According to research by the EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency), we spend around 90% of our time indoors; breathing potentially allergen-loaded 'indoor air'. No wonder, then, that the way your 'indoors' smell can influence your day-to-day life. Offering pure aroma therapy, Omved signature reed diffusers are blended derivatives of unadulterated essential oils which are drawn into rattan reeds, dispersing a constant yet subtle fragrance, improving the quality of air we breathe. Our Reed Diffusers are 100% safe; made with a natural base that has NO alcohol, DPG or other synthetics. Having a low evaporation rate and excellent solubilising power, they deliver low maintenance scent that's non-toxic flameless and long-lasting. Glass bottles with light barrier coating, ensures oil is protected and intact. They are ideal for ‘no candle zones’ like children rooms, offices, hospitals, dorm rooms, toilets etc. Your home is your sanctuary, so make it smell like one!"


Our reed diffusers can last up to a month with proper usage.

Yes, absolutely. This is a no candle option for dispersing aromatherapy. We suggest that you keep it on a higher surface away from the reach of the children to avoid any spills.

Turn the reeds inside out at least once in 4 days to ensure the aroma spreads evenly in your living spaces.

Customer Reviews

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Happy with the purchase

The diffuser has lasted for a good amount of time, providing a serene and calming atmosphere.


Good one to try

Good product

It's a great addition to any room, bringing a delightful scent and a relaxing ambiance.

Arya Mehta
Good product

The scent is pure bliss - a perfect combination of jasmine that instantly creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere in my home.