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Castor Oil – Cold-Pressed Virgin


– Deeply nourishes skin and reduces pimples

– Antifungal and antibacterial properties

– Moisturises the skin and best for acne

– Promotes Thick Hair Growth & delays early ageing and graying of hair

– Excellent for body massage


Castor Oil, the all-in-one oil with amazing benefits!

As an Ayurveda favourite since ages, Castor Oil, or ArandikaTel, is known for its multifarious medicinal and curative properties. Extracted by pressing the seeds of the castor plant, Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) is the go-to-base oil recommended by Ayurveda for numerous reasons.

OMVED Castor Oil – Cold-pressed virgin

OMVED Castor Oil is the purest form of Castor Oil that’s therapeutic-grade and cold-pressed extracted for maximum nutrition and health benefits. It finds multiple uses in hair care and skin care. It is also an effective anti-bacterial agent and the anti-fungal properties of a ricinoleic acid, present in castor, protects the scalp and hair from infections that cause hair loss. As a penetrable oil, it deeply nourishes skin tissue which makes it an effective treatment for acne. It is your go-to-base oil to reduce acne, fight ageing and promote hair growth as well.

For the individual on-the-go!

Today, as we keep juggling our busy lifestyles, we all have one thing in common; none of us even have the time to fall sick and get treated at leisure, not even the children. Therefore most of us end up popping quick fix medicines that unfortunately have a long-term, damaging effect on our body. Now we don’t want that, do we!

A home remedy without an equal

Surprisingly, as a common home remedy, Castor Oil has an excellent effect on the entire body which has also been scientifically proven now. Since days far beyond our Grandma?ó»s time, Castor oil is known a magic remedy that you can safely use in multiple disorders, right from digestive problems to itchy skin. Even for stretch marks during and after pregnancy, you can rub a small amount of castor oil over your stomach and thighs daily to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy or periods of weight gain.

Castor Oil has been used for medicinal purposes, not only in India but also across the world. Let’s rediscover the benefits of the herb that is also called Palm of Christ(Palma Christi) and Wonder Tree because of its amazing medicinal properties.

One Oil, Different Names!

Castor plant is native to Africa and Asia. Let’s look at some of the Common Names of Castor oil –

Sanskrit – ErandaTailam; Castor oil is also called Gandharva Hasta or the hand of the nymph in Sanskrit.

Hindi – ArandiKa Tel

Bangla – ReriraTela

Marathi – ErandelaTela

Tamil – AmanakkuEnney

Telugu – Aamudamu

Malayalam – Avanakkenna

The world’s favourite

Castor Oil is known by many names in many languages. Refined or cold-pressed, Castor Oil, it is known across the world by names such as African Coffee Tree, Bofareira, Castorbean, Castor Bean, Huile de Ricin, Graine de Ricin, Mexico Weed, Ricin, Tangantangan Oil Plant, etc. These many names indicate its global presence and massive usage through ancient times.

A 4000-year old Ayurvedic history

Castor oil is one of the most important medicinal oils in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic properties of castor oil were elaborately described in Charaka Samhita and other seminal Ayurvedic text some 4000 years ago! According to Ayurveda, castor oil is hot and rapid acting. It has a unique ability to penetrate the deepest tissues of the body without causing any side-effects. Because of these properties, it can effectively cleanse the major physiological channels in the body, like the blood vessels, alimentary canal etc.

However, all that glitters is not gold. To derive maximum benefit, it is essential to use good quality castor.

So what’s Good Castor Oil?

The ideal castor oil is extracted without heat- nature many bioactive substances in castor oil and treatment. Abnormally high temperatures can destroy its natural nutrition. Omved Castor Oil is obtained from the natural and traditional method of oil extraction it is cold-pressed virgin oil. Besides, we do not refine and flush out all the natural goodness from our castor oil. OMVED Castor Oil is pure, unrefined and comes directly from Mother Nature.

OMVED’s Castor Oil comes with the promise of purity since it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizers. Omved Castor Oil is extracted from high-quality castor beans and produced without the use of disease-causing chemicals. This is the castor oil that offers all the natural benefits and does no harm to the user!

Benefits of Castor Oil:

Castor Oil or Arandika Tel, offers various benefits depending on the Dosha of every individual. If you do not know your Dosha yet, click here to take our quick Dosha test.

Castor Oil for Hair –

Vata Hair Your Vata hair is excessively prone to fizziness, dryness, dandruff and hair fall. Castor oil is the perfect remedy for all these problems. Castor oil is exactly opposite to the dry and the cold. It is warm and unctuous. It helps to deep-nourish the scalp skin. It prevents rapid degeneration and death of the cells in the scalp skin. Besides, Castor oil also promotes the thickness of hair. Therefore it is a one-stop solution to all the Vata Prakriti hair problems.

Pitta Hair If you are Pitta Prakriti, your hair is more susceptible to early aging and graying of the hair. Also, Pitta scalp easily gets inflamed and sore. Castor oil forms a thin oily film on the scalp that helps to prevent direct contact with all kinds of pathogens. Thus it prevents all kinds of inflammations. Castor oil reactivates the pigmentation cells in the skin and helps to prevent early graying.

Kapha Hair You are bestowed with the best quality hair if you are Kapha Prakriti. However, Kapha hair and scalp are too oily. They attract a lot of dust and pollutants. Also, they have a tendency to clump together because of oiliness. Castor oil balances the secretions of the skin glands by de-clogging the ducts in the scalp skin. Castor oil also prevents the drying effects of frequent hair wash that you might need.

Castor Oil for Skin –

Vata Skin If you are Vataprakriti, your skin is very dry and demanding! Castor Oil is a natural moisturizer. It is warm in nature and a perfect solution for your dry and cold skin. It helps to promote blood circulation, naturally removes the dryness and moisturizes the skin from the core! Castor oil is an excellent remedy for itching, flakiness, and rapid skin aging. It is a must for soft and silky Vata skin!

Pitta Skin Because of its warm nature Castor oil dilates the blood vessels. Thus, castor oil is very effective in relieving the excess internal heat of the Pitta Prakriti body. It helps to balance the hydration in the skin and prevent any kind of inflammation, swelling, wrinkles, scars, excessive sweating and unpleasant odour, typical to Pitta skin. Castor oil is hot and it keeps you cool!

Kapha Skin Kapha Prakriti has a tendency of clogging in the physiological channels of the body. Castor oil helps to deep cleanse the skin ducts and blood vessels. Castor oil is very effective for elimination of pimples, internal clots, spots etc. It nourishes and excites the nerves. Castor oil produces amazing results on numbness, dullness and excessive oiliness, natural to the Kapha Prakriti skin. For a radiant Kapha skin, all you need is castor oil!

Castor Oil for Body –

Castor oil is completely safe for oral intake. Here are some unique benefits that it offers to each prakriti (body constitution). Do take our quick Dosha test, if you haven’t already.

Vata Body As a Vata people, you can be excessively prone to constipation, bloating, burping, farting, etc. Castor oil is a must for all your digestive problems. It helps to clean the intestines, eliminate constipation and improve digestion. It helps the intestines to maintain their natural tone. It prevents the intestinal dryness and resulting pathogenic attack on the intestinal tissues. According to Ayurveda, castor oil can prevent 99% of Vata related problems!

Pitta Body With Pitta Prakriti, you will need castor oil for deep intestinal detox. One of the fundamental treatments of all Pitta disorders is the use of laxatives. Castor oil is a natural laxative. It prevents intestinal inflammation and helps to prevent acidity, chronic diarrhea, peptic ulcers, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and many more inflammatory disorders of the intestines. It is among the safest internal cleansing agent that can balance the heat of your body! To read more about its effective laxative properties click here.

Kapha Body If you are Kapha dominant person, you can be more prone to indigestion, anorexia, heaviness after meals, heavy mucus content and clogging in the metabolic pathways as compared to others. Like a drain-cleaner, Castor oil helps to de-clog the intestinal waste by stimulating the intestinal movement. It flushes out all the toxic substances through a mild purgative action. This oil is all you need to get things mobilised and moving inside your body.

Ayurvedic method to use Castor Oil

Oral Use –

Castor oil may be used for general body detox once in every 6 months, preferably in the early winter (Oct-Nov) and during spring (Mar-Apr).


Have a light and early dinner on the day you plan to do the castor oil detox.

Consume Castor oil preferably at night before bed. The next morning Castor oil will flush out your intestinal toxins with purgatory motion.

Drink 1-1.5 ltr of water early morning for a smooth detox.


If you are using castor oil orally for the first time, consume only 1/2 tsp before bed. Avoid drinking warm water after it.

The dosage can be increased maximum to 2 tsp according to the comfort and response of the body.


Avoid regular oral use of castor oil for more than 2 days without medical supervision. Do not club castor oil detox with any other kind of detoxification practice.

Make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the process.

Consume bananas, oats, bael fruit, bread after the detox to regain the intestinal tone.

Avoid using milk during the castor oil detox.

Body Massage –


Before using it for a body massage you need to find out whether your skin is comfortable to Castor oil. You can smear a bit of it on your toes and leave it overnight.If your toe skin is fine the next morning you are good to use this general body massage procedure.


Warm an appropriate amount of Castor oil to a comfortable temperature. Massage the body with heavy (and tolerable) pressure for 10-15 min. Leave the oil on the body for the next 10-15 min or 30 min if convenient.

Take a steam treatment for the body, for 5 to 6 minutes. The steam treatment helps to open up the body?ó»s pores and helps the body to absorb castor oil properly. In case the proper option for steam treatment is not available, apply a towel soaked in hot water for steaming the body. Sitting in a tolerable hot water tub for 10 minutes also gives an equivalent result.

A warm bath after body massage is also helpful in better oil absorption and removal of excess oil. For best results, rub off the excess using a hot towel. You can use a herbal daily body moisturizer to get rid of the smell of castor oil. People with a Vata Prakriti can get special results with Intense Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin.


Avoid the use of steam if you are not comfortable with it. Pitta people, being already of a warm nature, should ensure minimum use of steam.

Pitta Prakriti people can use normal water and they can use normal water on a warm day.

Head Massage

The above procedure can be used for a head massage as well. Do not use steam treatment for the head as it may damage the fine nerves, blood vessels and sense organs like eyes, ear, etc. Wash off the oil using Purifying Herbal Shampoo for All Hair.

General Precautions

Castor oil should never be used in intestinal disorders like dysentery, diarrhea, and inflammatory conditions of the intestines without medical supervision.

Uncontrolled use of castor may cause loose motions. Therefore food items with laxative properties or hot temperament should not be consumed along with the use of castor oil, for example, milk, extremely hot food, red chilli etc.

You should also refrain from the use of Vata vitiating food like packaged food, junk food, certain vegetables (spinach, lady finger, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, brinjal), cold food (ice creams, cold drinks), etc. Kindly avoid anything that can make you feel bloated or constipated.

OMVED Castor Oil is good for your entire family since it can be used for multiple health purposes. It is easily available, simple and safe to use. It can also help you to prevent the use of side-effect causing medicines and enjoy a long, healthy life. In short, it is truly a wonder drug from a wonder plant! Therefore, a good quality castor oil is something that you MUST have in your house!

So, what are you waiting for, buy OMVED Castor Oil right away!

Read on to know more about scientific evidence for the use of Castor Oil:

Use of castor oil and its unique properties have proved to be safe and effective by FDA. Recent scientific researches prove the medicinal benefits of Castor oil.

Natural Laxative

Anti-inflammatory Effects

Anti-fungal Effects

Anti-septic effects

Good for Skin Health

Good for Hair Health

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