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OMVED strongly focuses on health remedies that are created using ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, are completely natural and carry absolutely no side-effects. Our range of Vedic health therapies is better than conventional home remedies as it is derived from 100% natural and organic extracts.

You will find that our health therapies consist of powerful plant infused herbal care products, carefully designed by Ayurveda experts keeping you and your family in mind. Most importantly, all our therapies are designed to heal you from within.

OMVED’s Health Therapies are a combination of time-tested remedies, using pure botanicals, and innovative means of delivery. You may take the time to explore from our range of Ayurvedic Compresses for various health problems, Ayurvedic Herbal products, Ready-to-use herbal kits, Chakra balancing tools, Aromatic remedy rollers and more.

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Breathe Easy Cold/Sinusitis Eye Mask


Buckwheat Hull Pillow


Detox Bronze/Kansa Wand