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Buckwheat Hull Pillow


  • PREMIUM QUALITY HULLS – We use the highest quality full, not flattened hulls, grown without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides.
  • CLEAN – We run the hulls several times through the dust ventilator, thus separating almost all dust particles, buckwheat flower residue, and all foreign matter. This dramatically reduces the chance of dust mites and other allergens.
  • UNBLEACHED COTTON COVER – Every pillow is made of a natural cotton case, double seamed to counter the heavyweight of the hull filling and to prevent a wear-out.
  • ZIPPERED – This gives you the ability to adjust the size to your individual needs by removing or adding back filler so the pillow fits you just right.
  • NECK PILLOW – An unique design with a built-in neck-roll provides better and consistent neck support than standard buckwheat pillows.
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Say ‘Good Night’ to sleepless nights now with OMVED Orthopedic Buckwheat Pillow – the anti-allergic pillow meant for the entire family.

For thousands of years, buckwheat hull pillows have been recognized as environmentally friendly and orthopedically healthy sleep support. This is because a buckwheat pillow not only prevents or eases neck, shoulder and backaches and pains while you sleep but also eliminates allergens from your pillow.

Besides the orthopedic reasons buckwheat pillows are recommended by chiropractors, massage therapists and physiotherapists to aid in sleeplessness, allergies, reduce headaches, migraines, snoring, TMJ syndrome, cervical and lumbar subluxations, sleep apnea, etc.

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