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Detox Bronze/Kansa Wand


  • Pure Kansa – Only Copper (79%) and Tin (21%). No Zinc or Cheap metals. It is completely Lead-free.
  • Natural Detox – Aids Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Natural Facelift – Reduce Saggy Skin.
  • Unique Design – 2 in 1 Massager with two different sizes of Kansa Cups. Comfortable Grip.
  • Content: Two Pure Kansa Cups made from the supremely high content of Copper 79% and alloyed with Tin 21 %. Sustainable wooden handle, designed for a comfortable grip.
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Uniquely multi-functional, use this pure kansa wand for either a detoxing foot or face massage. Kansa is a centuries-old Ayurvedic metal, alloyed with copper and tin; believed to balance your doshas, chakras, and skins pH level conductor by its incredible conduction properties and stimulating of energy (Marma) points.

Use as a foot massage to relax tired feet and aid in lymphatic drainage. Blocked lymph nodes usually cause breakouts, inflammation, dullness, oil-overload, and puffiness. Additionally, use as a quick mini facial to revitalize and plump skin, soften fine lines, de-puff the eyes, firm the jawline and cheekbones and relax the neck and shoulders.

How to Use:

  • Foot Massage: Use with Omved Detox Foot Oil / Organic Sesame Oil / Virgin Coconut Oil for a foot massage.
  • Face Massage: Use with Omved Sudyuti Oil or any face moisturizers for a mini facial.

Please Read Leaflet inside the box for detailed instructions.


Description OMVED Kansa Wand Others
Material Alloy of 79% Copper and 21% Tin. Certified Assayer Cheap Alloy with less % of Copper
Lead Free Yes No
Unique Design Two Different Sizes of Kansa Cups. Confortable Grip One Size of Kansa Cup
Design Benefits Large Kansa Cup – To massage large parts of Body such as Back, Feet etc. Small Kansa Cup – Face, Neck, Head etc. Two Kansa Wands needs to be purchased for all applications
Wood Polished Natural Wood Cheap Painted Wood
Packaging Premium Box Packaging with Usage Instructions Leaflet Loose Packaging
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