Tribal Incense Burner

Stoneware, Handglazed Dhoopdan

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We love our incense just that little bit more when its aromatic wisps waft out of these artisanal incense burners. Exquisitely handcrafted and delicately glazed, the Tribal Dhoopdan adds elegance even when not in use!

  • EFFECTIVE & DURABLE - Handcrafted from ceramic stoneware to make it water-resistant, withstand high temperatures and more durable than porcelain or ordinary ceramic.
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC - Free from heavy metals like Lead or Cadmium and using only non-toxic glazes, so you breathe in 100% pure aroma with zero danger.
  • ERGO-DESIGN - A three-legged support provides sturdiness and heat distribution, a well-designed handle offers a firm grip, while the carved latticework on top ensures effective diffusion.

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A traditional tribal design and contemporary finish, this handcrafted incense burner or dhoop holder this incense holder is as much an elegant piece of art to behold as it is a unique aromatherapy accessory that quietly creates the magical atmosphere you desire. The variations in drips and glaze finish adds to their individuality. (Due to the handmade nature of these products, some natural variation in colour or shape may occur. Images depict the item as accurately as possible). VASTU TIP - it is recommended to walk around your house in a clockwise direction with the incense burning in the holder.


  • Easy diffusing of fragrance

  • Elegant and hand-crafted that adds a touch of elan to your living space.

Power ingredients

As an incense powder burner (dhoopdani, dhoopdaan) - Light the charcoal. (Using the Omved Charcoal Holder makes it safer and easier). Place it inside the burner. Fan gently to help the aroma spread.

As an incense stick burner - You can fill your bowl with rice, white ash or even coffee beans and it will hold your incense sticks perfectly.

As an incense cone burner - Place cone inside. Light the tip. Fan to smolder and diffuse.

SAFETY - Keep away from drafty windows and children when incense is burning. Although designed to withstand heat, we recommend a plate or barrier still be used to protect surfaces.



Whether your incense burning is part of a cleansing ritual in general, be it part of a greater wellness trend or simply a way to reclaim some shred of sanity in these troubled times, there's nothing like Omved's timeless, handcrafted ceramic burners to make the heart (and incense) sing. Made from lead-free stoneware clay and with food-safe glazes, these burners are safe, durable and assure pure aroma therapy. Artisan crafted these burners are unique and individualistic, they are pure art.


Yes this dhoop holder is handmade by local artisans.

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