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Terracotta Foot Scrubber


  • MULTIPLE FOOT ISSUES – You can use it for all kinds of foot issues such as tired feet, dead skin, cracked heels, calluses or exfoliation.
  • NATURAL TERRACOTTA – Made from 100% Natural, Chemical, and Lead-free unpolluted Clay.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN – This two-sided red natural Terracotta Foot Scrubber & Cleaner is conveniently designed to scrub and polish. User-friendly with rounded edges that comfortably conform to feet and a perfect grip.
  • EASY TO USE – Just lather a small amount of soap on your feet and gently scrub to clean and exfoliate. Pat dry and moisturize to seal moisture within.
  • LONG LASTING & EARTH-FRIENDLY- practically lasts forever and completely biodegradable.
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Exfoliate, Invigorate, and Rejuvenate!

Exfoliate away dry skin, cracked heels and calluses to reveal silky soft skin with our 100% natural clay pumice scrubber. This unique two-sided natural dead skin build-up remover, offers the dual benefits of dry skin cell exfoliation and skin smoothening. Special lead-free, unpolluted clays have been blended, sun-dried and kiln fired at high temperature to assure long-term hardness and no loss of texture. With rounded edges that comfortably conform to feet and a perfect grip, the scrubber is easy to use and clean.

Add it your daily foot care regime to clean dead and dry skin from your feet but also help to buff and polish it to reveal softer soles. It works like a pumice stone/metal file to scrub and slough away dead skin, the added advantage being that unlike metals, it won’t rust or lose its texture like pumice stones over time.

How to Use?

  1. For everyday foot care, use on a regular basis, usually at the end of your shower. Rinse, pour a small amount of soap on, and gently scrub the soles of feet. Alternatively a tsp of Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub also works very well with the Terra Foot Scrubber.
  2. For a more indulgent treatment, soak your feet for 15 minutes in warm water with the Omved Tired Foot and Body soak. Apply some Omved Exfoliating Foot Scrub, and use the terra cotta scrubber. Rinse off, pat dry and follow with the Omved Daily Body Moisturiser or Intense Moisturising cream. You can also either heat or chill the scrubber for an added effect.
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