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Our Natural Mantra – What Natural Means for Omved?

Due to the lack of government regulation in the natural products industry, and the misuse of the word as a marketing term, we felt it was important to define what natural means to us.

We use ingredients that are found in nature and are known to have a positive effect on our bodies. By ‘found in nature’, we refer to ingredients that can be used in their original form or ingredients that can be extracted from plants or minerals. (E.g. essential oils)

We stay away from ingredients that can have any kind of adverse effect on the body or the environment. (E.g. mineral oil, talc)

We do not use natural ingredients that have been either produced or extracted using environmentally harmful processes from their source materials. E.g. Sulfonation and Ethoxylation which can leave behind harmful contaminants like 1, 4-Dioxane.

We do not use any ingredients that are synthesised or manufactured. Our ingredients are not made in test tubes but in Nature. We refrain from using such ingredients even if they are made from mineral ingredients or natural plants.

We trust nature to provide the right mix. And we don’t just sprinkle in a dusting of natural ingredients; our formulas are packed with them: No fillers, no fluff and no false promises. If an ingredient doesn’t have a function, it doesn’t make it into our formula.

We believe in Pure Natural Living; we feed your skin with the utmost in raw, organic, all natural and wild-crafted nutrition.