Omved Pure Aroma Bundle

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Omved Purify Ayurvedic Dhoop:

Discover purification as you cleanse your home, surroundings, place of work, and worship with this rare blend of botanicals. It purifies the atmosphere, encourages peaceful meditation, invokes divinity, invites prosperity, uplifts our moods, and begins the day in a celebratory & joyful manner.

Omved Faith Ayurvedic Dhoop:

Get mental clarity and attain a deeper spiritual bliss with a rare blend of botanicals, which cleanse the atmosphere and positively influence your mind and subconscious.

Omved Ceramic Tibal Dhoopdan:

These 100% natural charcoal briquettes are ideal for aromatherapy use and have a large bowl-like cavity to burn dhoop, incense, resins and herbs.

Omved Pure Aroma Bundle comes with:
  • Omved Purify Ayurvedic Dhoop
  • Omved Faith Ayurvedic Dhoop
  • Omved Ceramic Tribal Dhoopdan
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Power ingredients


We recommend using metal or cermaic containers to burn the dhoop.

Yes, you can burn the dhoop everday to cleanse your surroundings and purify the air you breathe.

Yes this dhoop holder is handmade by local artisans.

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