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Omved Effective Ayurvedic Care Combo for Mom & Baby

Omved Nursing Breast Compres:

New moms need care & comfort as much as the baby itself. Reviving the traditional Ayurvedic healing, this 100% natural and reusable nursing breast compress helps to ease the transition a woman undergoes during the lactation period.

Omved Baby Bib:

Omved Baby bib compress is packed with the goodness of Ajwain, Flaxseeds, and other herbs that soothe a baby's discomfort and effectively decongest.

Omved Baby's First Pillow (S):

Omved Baby's first Pillow is customized for head support, prevention of flathead syndrome and for comforting sleep. Organic aromatherapy pillows, filled with selective tiny-sized mustard seeds and gently aromatic Lavender flowers. Natural solutions for easing colic pain in babies.

  • 100% NATURAL; external herbal therapy, free from toxic chemicals and contaminants.
  • SAFE and EFFECTIVE; Ayurvedic solution
  • HYGIENIC; removable, washable 100% cotton cover

    Mom & Baby Care comes with

    1. Omved Nursing Breast Compress
    2. Omved Baby's First Pillow
    3. Omved Baby Compress Cold / Colic Relief

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    This can be used as a warm or a cold compress.

    You can start using it during pregnancy itself if needed, else after delivery. Can also be used during periods to reduce soreness.

    The compress is safe to use for newborns. So you can start using it if your little one shows symptoms of colic or restlessness to pacify them with this comforting compress.

    After removing the outer cover, place the bib in microwave with a glass of water for a minute and slip it back in cover. Check the warmness before placing it around neck-chest area of the baby. Can be used as frequently as desired according to baby's comfort.

    The pillow is safe to use for newborns. So you can start using the pillow immediately.

    Customer Reviews

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    The set comes with nursing breast compress, baby bib and baby pillow. products work great

    products work well

    The Omved Therapies Mom and Baby Care Kit is a fantastic choice for new parents. The products are all natural and safe for both mom and baby, and they work really well together. I highly recommend it

    lifesaver kit

    The Omved Therapies Mom and Baby Care Kit has been a lifesaver for me as a new mom.

    loved it

    great combo loved it