Our Values
Omved was created under a simple conviction, Pure Natural Living. To enable people to live a holistic and balanced life, the way it was meant to be.

We follow a triple bottom line: People, profit and planet. Our circle of compassion and concern includes all: our customers, our employees, our families, ourselves and our environment.

Health Conscious
We use only natural and pure ingredients. We are awarded the ‘Innovator Status’ by The Safe Cosmetic Pledge for not using any harsh chemicals and toxins in our formulations. Holistic wellbeing is the focus of all our efforts.

Earth Conscious
All our products and packaging come from and will return to the earth – we sell only products with a complete karmic cycle. All our products are biodegradable and our packaging minimal, recyclable and reusable to help lessen waste and pollution. We reduce, reuse, renew and recycle.

Socially Conscious
We are acutely aware of our responsibility, as individuals and as an organisation. By adopting fair-trade practices we support the small communities and ecosystems from which our products evolve.

Culture Conscious
To be culturally aware is not a fashion statement; in fact, it is the backbone of our existence. Each of our offerings has been carefully developed under the guidance of our panel of experts and masters who have studied the Vedas and are well acquainted with the ways of the Vedic times.

Ethically Conscious
We follow the law, pay our taxes and work with integrity with our suppliers, partners, and customers.

Compassionately Conscious
We believe in Ahimsa - to live and let live and sell only cruelty-free products that are completely animal-ingredient free. We are PETA certified. Our offerings are predominantly Vegan (only a few products based on Ayurvedic classical formulas have milk) and all Vegetarian.

Quality Conscious
Being a part of the German Hammer Group, with a 150-year legacy, we are absolutely obsessed with the quality, purity, and efficacy of the goods we sell.

Self Conscious
We know that any journey must always start from within. We personally live the Omved philosophy; we practice what we preach and we hope to set the example for others to follow.

Omved’s founding philosophy ‘live and let live in complete consciousness’ is the guiding principle behind all our initiatives to be the change in the communities in which we operate.

We believe in promoting wellness, empowering the people who create our products, protecting the other living creatures of the earth while always respecting our planet. All our products and services have been created and packaged with deep concern for the society and the environment.

Below are some of our active programs that help us walk towards the path of conscious living.

Recycle & Reward
From earth to earth; we consciously aim for a Karmic cycle for all that we make. We reduce, reuse, recycle and reward. In the short time since we began this program, we have collected hundreds of empty product containers from our shoppers for recycling in exchange for free products. 

Our Efforts

Reduce: We believe in minimal packaging. When required, the packagings for our fragile items are made from cartons and boxes with 100% post-consumer waste cardboard and are 100% recyclable.

Reuse: Our caps and pumps unfortunately are currently made of plastic. We urge you to recycle them with us; we are currently looking into making these caps from post-consumer recycled plastic. We are also working on offering refills so the pump can be reused.

Recycle: In an effort to remain environmentally responsible, all our containers are made of either aluminium or glass, both of which are 100% recyclable.

You too can take a simple step to care for the earth, the future of our children and the environment. 

In India alone, we have an estimated 4.6 million people with corneal blindness that is curable through corneal transplantation made possible by an eye donation.

Omved has committed 1000 eyes to the Eye Bank co-ordination & research centre, who collect, process and distribute donor eye tissue for sight saving cornea transplants, medical education and research into cures for other eye diseases.

We have committed to increasing eye, tissue and organ donations through raising awareness and education, since March 2012. We have already made significant progress with the help of Omved team members, customers and suppliers who have come forward and pledged their sight.

Here is how you can pledge your support -

In our stores – Fill the 1000 eyes donor card and we will send it to the Eye Bank Centre for you.

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Cruelty Free
Ahimsa – a Sanskrit word meaning ‘reverence for life’ is one of our founding principles and explains our stance on animal welfare. We do not conduct animal testing for any of our products and we do not ask others to do it for us either. We refrain from selling our products in those countries that legally require animal tested products. Our products and cosmetics contain no animal ingredients (not even honey, lanolin, beeswax etc) and have been certified by PETA as cruelty-free, vegetarian and even vegan in most cases.

Be a compassionate consumer and buy only cruelty-free products. Although India has banned animal testing there are many countries of the world that have not. You can support the Humane Society International Campaign by pledging your support – Click here to show your support

Plant a Tree
Offering products as natural as ours, we would be doing no justice to our mission if we didn’t value and protect the source of all our ingredients – Mother Nature.

Join us with our green partner – Grow-Trees, to ‘Go Zero’ (reduce your carbon footprint) while creating a beautiful planet for all earthlings. Here’s how:

Ship CO2 free - We already design our products to be as eco-friendly as possible, but when we ship goods it results in carbon dioxide emissions. For customers who care about our earth as much as we do and who want to zero out this carbon footprint, we have made it easy and convenient. While shopping, simply add the Plant-a-Tree option to your shopping cart and you’re done. We will plant a tree for every click, each shipment we make.

B.Y.O.B – Bring Your Own Bag. At Omved, while we have opted for paper carry bags over plastic ones, an estimated one million plastic bags are used per minute, globally, of which less than 5.2% are actually recycled. Since they can take up to 1,000 years to break down, most of them end up in landfills, as pollution and trash in our communities, and in lakes and oceans killing countless marine life every year.

And in-spite of Omved paper bags being made from recycled paper/post-consumer waste – we still believe the most eco-friendly option is for you to bring reusable bags and say no to plastic.

For every reusable Omved bag you buy at our stores and for every time you bring your own bag to shop - we will plant a tree.

Go Zero – Anxious about your carbon footprint? Here’s an opportunity for you to ‘Go Zero’- offset your carbon emissions of your entire life by planting trees.

A large tree inhales 20.3 kgs of CO2 in a year (or roughly 1 ton over its lifespan of about 50 years) and exhales enough oxygen for a family of four for a year.

Grow-Trees (Omved green partner) enables you, from the comfort of your office or home, to plant trees with just a few clicks. Tree by tree, we can expand the green cover on Earth and make a significant impact on our planet’s health. The average person can plant one tree each month to offset her carbon footprint at a nominal cost of Rs. 50 a tree.

You can even gift green; perhaps the most unusual and important gift you can give to anyone.

For every tree planted, we will email you a recognition certificate from Grow-Trees. By rebuilding forests together, we can make a real difference in the endeavor to create a healthier world, because of the inherent benefits of trees as they help address two of the world's most pressing environmental challenges--habitat loss and climate change. Native trees also help to control flooding, clean local water supplies and create habitat for birds and other wildlife. Let’s change the world together, one tree at a time.

Fair Trade
From our inception, our primary philosophy has been to maintain the highest ethics in all aspects of business, in accordance with the true meaning of living with consciousness. Omved and all our suppliers have signed the Conscious Supplier Pledge. You too can sign the Conscious Consumer Pledge.

The goal behind fair-trade is sustainability: improving the quality of life in disadvantaged communities while preserving the planet's resources. This helps all; companies like Omved can ethically source quality ingredients, the indigenous community finds a way out of poverty, and you, as consumers, know where your product came from and that your purchase is helping to create a better world — one product and one community at a time.

Conscious Supplier Pledge
We commit to work following the basic principles of fair trade practices and supplier conscious ethics.

We do not practice child labour or bonded labour.

We support non discrimination, gender equality and freedom of association.

We always treat our craftsmen and artisans with respect and give them fair local rates for their work.

We ensure safe, clean and healthy working conditions; no sweatshops.

We promote sustainably produced products using environment friendly practices and seek to minimise use and waste of natural resources.

We create opportunities for the economically disadvantaged producers. No mass produced factory manufacturing, no middle men.

We create opportunities for people who are physically challenged.

We help preserve local, traditional methods of working and cultural motifs.

We educate and empower artisans and educate consumers in detail about our products.

We ensure natural materials; fiber and fabrics are used wherever possible.

We promote awareness of conscious fair trade within my organisation, business or social group.

We strive to practice consciousness and in time, we hope that working consciously will become second nature. Together, we will create new ways to support the humanity of others through our consciousness.

Conscious Consumer Pledge
By taking this pledge, you are taking a stand to consciously and actively change your current shopping habits. This may seem like a burdensome and overwhelming task.

You may be wondering, where do I start or how can I be this proactive about everything I buy? In time, we hope that living a ‘conscious consumer’ lifestyle will become second nature, and you will create new ways to support the humanity of others through your purchasing habits.

This pledge is a learning process and will develop over time as you tailor the pledge to your own buying preferences.

Buy fair trade. Make trade fair. Click here to sign the pledge.

PURE- Pure to us means - real; using the highest quality, biologically active ingredients, unadulterated; ensuring there are no cheap fillers and no dilution, premium; using the best cold-pressed nourishing oils - no mineral or hydrogenated oils, and therapeutic; clinical grade essential oils.

All the herbal extracts we use in our products are obtained by maintaining the natural botanical intelligence of the plant. We trust nature to provide the right mix. We do not use any chemistry or modified extracts of plants, but the essences of the whole plant. 

NATURAL- Omved products combine naturally derived organic and wild- crafted ingredients to create a mélange of non-toxic products that are not just healthy and beneficial for the skin, but also promote a sense of calm for your mind and home.

Our formulations include natural ingredients ranging from 85-100%. We exclude nasties completely that have been associated with adverse health or environmental effects; like silicones, parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, phthalates.

LIVING- You are a living, breathing being and so is your body’s largest organ, your skin. It is to honour this life that we ensure our products are made; from the finest, living and most active, nutrient–dense super-foods, transformational plant nectars, essential oils and extracts.

Omved’s skin-friendly products are 100% living because our unique heat-free, raw-blending process ensures the molecular structure of the extracts remain alive and intact. We use as minimal processing as possible to ensure that the alive and active ingredients are not just a list of ingredients of herbs from nature but in their truest and most active form.

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Built on a simple and enduring principle of Pure Natural Living, Omved inspires and assists all, to live life in its entirety.

Purity in every aspect of creation is integral to our ethos and philosophy. It starts from sourcing the highest grade of botanical oils and extracts directly from growers and distillers around India, to ensure the purest, rare and quality active ingredients.

Our inventive extraction processes distill the plant living essences to be blended and formulated, with minimal or no heat, to maintain their raw energies. The scientific natural and organic skincare development process means that all of our products are made in small batches, to preserve freshness.

Exacting a European standard of natural skincare, our formula bases contain natural preservatives and surfactants setting us apart from other natural performance-based skin care brands.

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Not only can you feel good about what our products do for your skin and spirit, but also you can feel good about their creation. All of our ingredients are fair-trade and sourced through sustainable and ethical trade. We support small communities and eco-systems from which our products evolve. We neither test on animals nor use any animal derived ingredients. We are certified cruelty-free by PETA.

All of our packaging is minimal, recyclable and mostly bio-degradable. We believe that what comes from the earth, must return to it.

It is our promise that every therapy we offer is environmentally safe, vegan, free of animal testing and made in India.

Ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda harmoniously blend with the principles of Aromatherapy. At Omved, ancient remedies underpin cutting-edge modern clinical research and development resulting into unmatched, wild-crafted therapies, authentic formulations that are result-driven and deliver outstanding benefits.

Ayurveda; over 5000 year old, holistic science carries a profound body of knowledge for understanding ourselves within the laws of nature. Each individual and all of nature are comprised of five basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether (Space). These elements uniquely shape each one of us, creating a distinct blueprint known as Dosha. There are 3 main Doshas: Vata (Air & Ether), Pitta (Fire & Water) and Kapha (Water & Earth). We are 'in balance' when we are healthy, happy, and radiantly beautiful, expressing the ration of Vata, Pitta and Kapha elements set in us at birth.

Omved products are developed in synergy with these principles to help you achieve balance and harmony at the individual Dosha level.

What's not in our products?Silicones, Mineral Oils/Paraffin, Parabens, GM Ingredients, Phthalates, Glycols, DEA, EDTA, Acrylates, Nano, BHT, Alcohols, Synthetic Fragrances or Artificial Colours.

Our skin is an expression of the overall harmony of what's going on inside & most imbalances show up on our faces. Our skin, the body's largest organ, acts more like a sponge than a barrier, and absorbs close to 60 to 90% of all that we put on it.

Over the last 50 years, tens of thousands of new chemicals have been developed, most of which have never been properly tested on humans. We absorb a huge array of these synthetic chemicals through our food, our toiletries and our immediate environment, and whilst we may not be able to avoid all of these chemicals, we believe it makes sense to do what we can to minimise contact wherever possible.

For us 100% safe means to be free from any unnatural and toxic ingredient, harsh chemical preservatives, alcohol or unnatural stabilizers, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals or petroleum by-products, phthalates, mineral oils, hydrogenated oils, synthetic chemical perfumes/fragrances, artificial colouring or preservatives, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.

DIRTY DOZEN - Ingredients to avoid

We have listed some of the common ingredients that you find in standard cosmetics that you must avoid because they are proven to be hazardous chemicals, highly toxic and potentially dangerous for your health. This is what we call the ‘Omved’s Dirty Dozen List’.

Omved's Dirty Dozen List

1. Sulfates (Sodium or Ammonium Layryl, Laureth, Myreth, Sulfate)
Sulfates are essentially synthetic ingredients that are used to create foam or to allow liquid to spread or absorb easily. Sulfates are commonly found in soaps, shampoos, bubble baths, toothpastes and shower gels. Sulfates can irritate the skin and in some cases cause eczema. Sometimes sulfates can be contaminated with 1, 4-dioxane that can cause cancer.

What to watch out for on labels: SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), SLES and other ingredients with the letters "eth" (e.g., sodium laureth sulfate) on labels.

2. Parabens (Methyl, Propyl, Ethyl, Butyl)
Parabens are synthetic preservatives that are commonly used in products like gels, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, toners, sunscreens and antiperspirants. Synthetic parabens are known to have the potential to mimic estrogens which can result in reproductive abnormalities and breast cancer.

What to watch out for on labels: Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, butylparaben

3. Talc
Talc is a carcinogen mostly causes lung tumour. This is a base for most body powders, baby powders.
What to watch out for on labels: Talcum powder, talc

4. Petrochemicals (Petroleum, Petrolatum, Mineral oil and Paraffin. These are commonly found in lip balms, moisturisers for babies, shampoos and conditioners due to it being a moisturising ingredient and moisture barrier. Research has shown they potentially cause cancer, disrupt DNA and can cause birth defects.

What to watch out for on labels: Mineral oil, paraffin, Petrolatum

5. Perfume/ Parfum / Synthetic fragrance (Phthalates)

These are widely used in almost any 'fragrant' product you can think of. Commonly found in perfumes, hair products, deodorants, nail polishes and body lotions, prolonged exposure to this ingredient can disrupt the DNA, cause cancer and can be linked to birth defects. Unfortunately Phthalates are not required to be listed on labels (as they are classified as proprietary).

What to watch out for on labels: Products that claim an ingredient such as 'fragrance' or 'perfume'.

6. DEA/ MEA/TEA (diethanolamine, triethanolamine, monethanolamine)
They are almost always present in foaming products like shampoos, bubble baths, facial cleansers, body wash, etc. Prolonged exposure to this ingredient can cause mild to moderate eye and skin irritations. Research has shown that this ingredient can cause liver cancers and precancerous changes in skin and thyroid.

What to watch out for on labels: Ingredients that begin or end in DEA, MEA, TEA - e.g. Cocamide DEA, TEA Lauryl Sulfate, etc

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7. Glycols/PEGs
Polyethylene glycol (PEG), otherwise known as poly (oxyethylene) or poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) are commonly used in cosmetics as cleansing agents, emulsifiers, skin conditioners and surfactants. Impurities found in various PEG compounds include ethylene oxide; 1, 4-Dioxane; polycyclic aromatic compounds; and heavy metals such as lead, iron, cobalt, nickel, cadmium, and arsenic. This causes skin irritation, fluctuates the pulse rates, causes headaches, nausea and dizziness.

What to watch out for on labels: propylene glycol, ingredients with 'eth' (e.g., polyethylene glycol)

8. Triclosan
This ingredient is used in antibacterial cosmetics like cleansers, toothpastes and deodorants. Suspected endocrine disruptor and may contribute to antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

9. Hydroquinone
This is a skin bleaching chemical and a possible carcinogen, neurotoxin and skin sensitizer. Prolonged usage of this can cause ochronosis, a disfiguring skin disease that results in irreversible black-blue lesions.

10. Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
These ingredients release small amounts of formaldehyde that is a known carcinogen. Prolonged usage can cause breathlessness, asthma and a burning sensation of eyes, nose and throat

What to watch out for on labels: DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, methenamine and quarternium-15 on labels.

11. Siloxanes (Methicones)
This ingredient is used in a variety of cosmetics to soften, smoothen and moisten the skin. This is known to be a suspected endocrine disrupter and reproductive toxicant. With prolonged usage it can also influence neurotransmitters in the nervous system.

What to watch out for on labels: Look for ingredients ending in ‘siloxane’ or ‘methicone’.

12. Trolatum
Prolonged exposure can cause potential breast carcinogen.

So the next time you are buying cosmetics, keep a look out for the following:

Does it contain toxins?

How much of the content is actually natural/organic?

Are all the listed ingredients natural or is it just a portion of ingredients that are natural?

Are there any ingredients that are not available in organic forms?

Are all the ingredients listed?

Some countries like India do not require all ingredients to be listed. Chances are that our Omved labels look long and exhausting because we have the complete ingredient list on it. But that’s because we want you to know exactly what we put in our bottles and you on yourself.

Our Natural Mantra - What Natural Means for Omved?

Due to the lack of government regulation in the natural products industry, and the misuse of the word as a marketing term, we felt it was important to define what natural means to us.

We use ingredients that are found in nature and are known to have a positive effect on our bodies. By ‘found in nature’, we refer to ingredients that can be used in their original form or ingredients that can be extracted from plants or minerals. (E.g. essential oils)

We stay away from ingredients that can have any kind of adverse effect on the body or the environment. (E.g. mineral oil, talc)

We do not use natural ingredients that have been either produced or extracted using environmentally harmful processes from their source materials. E.g. Sulfonation and Ethoxylation which can leave behind harmful contaminants like 1, 4-Dioxane.

We do not use any ingredients that are synthesised or manufactured. Our ingredients are not made in test tubes but in Nature. We refrain from using such ingredients even if they are made from mineral ingredients or natural plants.

We trust nature to provide the right mix. And we don’t just sprinkle in a dusting of natural ingredients; our formulas are packed with them: No fillers, no fluff and no false promises. If an ingredient doesn't have a function, it doesn’t make it into our formula.

We believe in Pure Natural Living; we feed your skin with the utmost in raw, organic, all natural and wild-crafted nutrition.

Whether you are using our Facial Cleanser, getting healing through one of our Soothing Grains Compresses or meditating by lighting up our Ayurvedic Incenses, we want you to have a positive experience every time. That's why we are committed to deliver high performance, pure, wild-crafted products that are good for you, good for the people who make them and also good for the planet.

When you buy an Omved product you can expect, the most natural, wholesome ingredients which are also eco-friendly, fair trade, hand-crafted, organic, vegan, non-toxic and cruelty-free.

Go on; transform your life by making conscious choices.

Safe Cosmetics
Omved Therapies is India's first and only company to be awarded the title of 'Innovator' by of the Environmental Working Group’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. This recognition validates Omved skincare products to be ‘100% safe’; free from parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals or petroleum by-products, phthalates, mineral oils, hydrogenated oils, synthetic chemical perfumes/fragrances, artificial colouring or preservatives or unnatural stabilizers, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins.

PETA has certified Omved products as Vegan. Our therapeutic skin-care products are handcrafted using the freshest organically grown Indian botanicals and essential oils. These vegan formulations (except for a few classical Ayurvedic massage oils which use milk) are effective blends of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and contemporary skincare technologies.

Ahimsa is one of our founding principles. We do not conduct animal testing on any of our products. We refrain from selling our products in those countries that legally require animal tested products. Our products and cosmetics contain no animal ingredients (not even honey, lanolin, beeswax etc.) and have been certified by PETA as Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Fair Trade
We believe in preserving the rights of both humans and animals. Omved and all our suppliers have signed the Conscious Supplier Pledge. This includes pledging to not support child labour or bonded labour of any sort. It upholds non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association among other values.

The goal behind fair trade is sustainability: improving the quality of life in disadvantaged communities while preserving the planet's resources. The goods we retail are all natural and hand crafted by local artisans. We commit to the highest standards of free trade and working conditions in the sourcing of our products.

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At Omved, 'eco-friendly' means environmentally responsible retailing that involves the sale of products with the least impact on the environment. We design, make and retail only products that are safe for you, safe for people who make them and safe for the earth.

Our products are non-toxic, energy efficient, contain plant extracts and other natural substances that are biodegradable and are manufactured using techniques that eliminate pollution and toxicity in the nature. Our packaging is 100% free from harmful phthalates and Bisphenol-A (BPA), made largely with post-consumer recycled waste we never use plastic bottles and use very minimal outer packaging.

We have developed a natural blend of 100% certified organic cotton. The cotton that we use at Omved to make the outer cover of our soothing compresses have been certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The certification ensures that we are using cotton that has been grown according to the right organic procedure. The GOTS is certified by the Dutch Control Union and currently is the highest level of certification.

Pure Natural & Living
By blending the knowledge of time-tested Vedic traditions with ergonomic design and master craftsmanship, we bring quality, beauty and culturally significant products.

Our products are:

Pure - Our formulations are made with biologically active ingredients, unadulterated, cold-pressed nourishing oils and therapeutic grade pure essential oils in completely safe and gentle preservative systems.

Natural - Our products are 100% natural, developed with organic, natural, and wild-crafted ingredients to create non-toxic skin care products that are healthy and beneficial for the skin. We use the essences of the whole plant.

Living - Omved skin-friendly products are 100% living because our heat-free raw-blending process ensures that the naturally occurring enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, EFA and bio-active plant phytochemicals of our extracts remain intact as they occur in nature.

Inspired by the 5000 year old Indian practice of holistic healing, the journey of Omved began.

We are inspired by the 5000 years of legacy of Ayurveda that is an inherent part of our culture and Indian values. Tapping into the goodness of Ayurveda, Omved is India's only brand that promises the goodness of Ayurveda and veganism packaged for the contemporary fast-paced lifestyle to bring about a sense of serenity in your life.

What are we made of?

We are made of authentic and ethical ingredients that are specifically curated for your holistic wellness; be it our skin care, hair care, aromatherapy or the wellness range.