Diving deep into the books of Ayurveda we’ve created skincare solutions that provide you with wholesome care and evident results. We have combined the most potent herbs and essential oils to create solutions that make your skin soft, restore the natural glow and allow it to age gracefully. Our solutions treat your skin through gentle exfoliation, thorough cleansing and deeper nourishment.

Sudyuti Skin OilSudyuti Skin Oil
Best Seller

Sudyuti Skin Oil

₹ 846.61
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Kamalika  Lotus SoapKamalika  Lotus Soap

Kamalika Lotus Soap

₹ 253.39
Loofah Vetiver Bath ScrubLoofah Vetiver Bath Scrub

Loofah Vetiver Bath Scrub

₹ 126.27
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Shuddhi Neem SoapShuddhi Neem Soap

Shuddhi Neem Soap

From ₹ 126.27
Skin Nagarmotha MaskSkin Nagarmotha Mask

Skin Nagarmotha Mask

₹ 422.88
Ananda Rose SoapAnanda Rose Soap

Ananda Rose Soap

₹ 300
Clear Face WashClear Face Wash

Clear Face Wash

₹ 846.61
Ojas  Sandalwood  SoapOjas  Sandalwood  Soap

Ojas Sandalwood Soap

₹ 211.02
Malati  Jasmine SoapMalati  Jasmine Soap

Malati Jasmine Soap

₹ 211.02
Taruni Face PackOmved taruni Face mask

Taruni Face Pack

₹ 422.88
Hydrate Face WashHydrate Face Wash

Hydrate Face Wash

₹ 846.61
Terra Cotta Foot ScrubberTerra Cotta Foot Scrubber

Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber

₹ 304.24
Ubtan All Skin TypeUbtan All Skin Type

Ubtan All Skin Type

₹ 338.14
Kama Love Oil

Kama Love Oil

₹ 465.25
Tej Energy Oil

Tej Energy Oil

₹ 338.14