Combining extensive experience and research we have curated the finest aromatherapy products that are suitable for easing  emotional and mental distress. Each product is made of natural or naturally-derived  ingredients that are safe for the environment. Our products are  safe to use around infants and toddlers too. Our Aromatherapy products help you feel rejuvenated and enhanced by aromatizing your daily routines.

Omved Pure Aroma BundleOmved Pure Aroma Bundle
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Omved Pure Aroma Bundle

₹ 1,101 ₹ 1,184
Dhoop CharcoalDhoop Charcoal
Best Seller

Dhoop Charcoal

From ₹ 211
Sandalwood Incense SticksSandalwood Incense Sticks

Sandalwood Incense Sticks

₹ 246
Omved Festive Special bundleOmved Festive Special bundle
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Omved Festive Special bundle

₹ 1,058 ₹ 1,142
Ceramic Tribal DhoopdaanCeramic Tribal Dhoopdaan
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Ceramic Tribal Dhoopdaan

₹ 677
Repel Ayurvedic DhoopRepel Ayurvedic Dhoop
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Repel Ayurvedic Dhoop

₹ 253
Omved Purify Dhoop BundleOmved Purify Dhoop Bundle
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Omved Purify Dhoop Bundle

₹ 677 ₹ 762
Celebrate Ayurvedic DhoopCelebrate Ayurvedic Dhoop

Celebrate Ayurvedic Dhoop

₹ 253
Faith Ayurvedic DhoopFaith Ayurvedic Dhoop

Faith Ayurvedic Dhoop

₹ 253
Repel Ayurvedic CoilOmved Mosquito & Bug  coil

Repel Ayurvedic Coil

₹ 246
Purify Incense SticksPurify Incense Sticks

Purify Incense Sticks

₹ 296
Omved Dhoop BundleOmved Dhoop Bundle
5% OFF

Omved Dhoop Bundle

₹ 677 ₹ 718
Calm Soy Wax CandleCalm Soy Wax Candle

Calm Soy Wax Candle

₹ 762
Calm Reed DiffuserCalm Reed Diffuser

Calm Reed Diffuser

₹ 1,101
Focus Incense SticksFocus Incense Sticks

Focus Incense Sticks

₹ 296