Nagchampa Incense Sticks

Hand - rolled Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Agarbatti

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Like a hymn to a good spirit and joie de vivre, our Nagchampa Incense helps recharge your soul with good energy. A captivating fragrance that increases vitality and energy.

  • PURE Nagchampa (Michelia Champaka) and Sandalwood in a proprietary base of aromatic herbs, resins and essential oils.
  • AUTHENTIC AYURVEDIC INCENSE - Pure herbal extracts are hand rolled using traditional 'Dry Masala Bhatti' method unlike common cheap 'dip-stick' incense - blank sticks dipped in perfume and solvents.
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC unrefined herbal extracts, powders and oils; NO fillers, sawdust or charcoal.
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Awakening, Balancing & Exhilarating Aroma.

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Omved's richly aromatic incense sticks are hand-rolled by artisans in India’s cottage industry using only the finest quality, masterfully selected herbs, resins, natural wood powder and essential oil extracts traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine.


  • GIVE YOUR SPACE AN ENERGY DETOX - Burning incense is believed to remove stagnant energy, dispel negative energy and promote free flow of positive energy for optimal well-being.

  • DISINFECT & DEODORISE - The anti-bacterial powers of pure incense are known to cleanse and disinfect air from pollutants, bugs and viral/bacterial invasion.

Power ingredients

The iconic earthy fragrance of Nag Champa is loved for its calming powers that aid to relax nerves and reduce stress. Revered for its ability to induce peace, it is popular in temples and other places of worship. It helps one to focus on their prayers, meditation and rituals. It is also widely burnt to sanctify or purify an area. Its aroma lingers for a longer duration, as does its desired effects.

Step 1: Light the coated tip of the incense stick until it ignites. 

Step 2: Blow out the flame and let it smolder. 

Step 3: Place the lit incense stick in an incense holder to catch the ash. 

Caution: Keep away from flammable materials as well as out of reach of children. 

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Incense therapy and fumigation using aromatic plants are an essential and integral part of Ayurveda, primarily for antimicrobial purification and protection, and treatment of emotional and mental distress. Omved’s collection of richly aromatic 100% natural, therapeutic incense sticks follow in this time-honored tradition. Each stick is made in accordance with the Ayurveda ‘dry MASALA BHATTI’ method; grinding the finest quality aromatic botanicals into a 'masala' or synergy mix and hand-rolling them onto an unbleached bamboo stick. This guarantees that our authentic Ayurvedic incense sticks offer both aromatic as well as medicinal benefits. With no fillers, solvents or toxic binders, these are certainly the purest incense you can find. Burning authentic pure incense is an experience not only for the senses but also the soul.


Each stick is around 16 cm long and will burn for approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

We encourage you to practice proper fire safety. Do not leave burning incense unattended. If you need to leave the room, extinguish the incense by dipping the tip in water or pressing it against a heat-resistant surface.

Incense smoke, if burned regularly and in large amounts can be bad for your health, especially the ones that are made with copious amounts of chemicals. The best way to keep incense from decreasing the quality of air in your home is to use chemical-free incense sticks that invite an aromatic experience and purify your living spaces.

Incense sticks burn at extremely high temperatures. They can cause fire if they come in contact with flammable material. Always keep the incense sticks from drapes and other flammable material. Also keep it out of children's reach if you have toddlers at home.

Our range of incense sticks are 100% chemical-free with absolutely devoid of any harmful toxins. A delightful aroma of healing essential with potent healing herbs creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere. If you use our incense sticks at night, use them at least 15-30 minutes before bedtime so your room is filled with the soothing aroma by the time you are ready for bed. Ensure that the incense is extinguished before sleeping.

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Constancio Gomes
Nice scented sticks


Neha Harish
Best value for money incense sticks !!

I really love Nagchampa Incense Sticks.. was really eager to try these by Omved.. It has got a beautiful aroma.. Really very satisfied with this product.. It's undoubtedly a must buy for all.. A great product at thie price !! Totally loved it and would recommend it to everyone for sure!! The scent lasts for quite a long time..!!

Krishan Oza
Wow scent

It's just wow. I loved the fragrance . Very soothing