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What is a body balance test?

Ayurveda says the human body is made up of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Though every element is present in the body, the domination of certain elements determines the Balance of an individual – namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha.Though every element is present in the human body, each Dosha is essentially the combination of two predominant elements. Vata is a combination of Ether and Air, Pitta is a combination of Fire and Water, whereas Kapha is a combination of Water and Earth.


Solid, Stable, Dense


Liquid, Moveable, Fluid


Hot, Transformative, Upward Moving


Changeable, Lightweight, Dark In Colour


Expansive, Dry, Empty

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Are you a Vatta, Pitta or Kapha?

Taking Omved’s Dosha Test is the first step towards gaining a better understanding of your body and mind. Armed with this knowledge, you can take care of yourself better with the help of 100% natural solutions recommended by Ayurveda - such as aroma therapies that directly influence your subconscious or health therapies that heal you from deep within. The key to achieving peak performance is by maintaining a healthy balance between these Doshas, by eating, exercising and living right. Go ahead, answer these simple questions about yourself to find your Dosha and achieve the balance of body, mind and spirit.




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