Wellness begins when the body, mind and the spirit are in complete harmony with the environment. Mother Earth has already given us all we need to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Inspired by the 5000 year old Indian practice of holistic healing, the journey of Omved began.

At Omved, ‘all natural’ is not just a catchphrase but a way of life. That’s precisely, why we use the purest wild-crafted, organically and naturally cultivated ingredients for our products.

We make each of our products with love and care, so it not only oozes with positive effects but also works on your body, mind and spirit.

Did you know?

Mrs. Priti started Omved 30 years ago, a curious yet conscious pregnant mother was looking out for pure products. And, thus, the inception of Omved!

Let us tell you a secret...

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We ensure that each and every ingredient used in our products is not only chemical-free, natural and hand-crafted but also fair-trade, made in India and bio-degradable. Moreover, all of Omved products are authentic and ethical - embracing design and sustainability, beautifully finished and reviving our ancient Vedic traditions. They are safe for you and safe for the earth.

We source and manufacture only with suppliers who operate on a fair trade basis, have high ethical and moral values and who try to minimise their impact on the environment. We recycle everything, opt for only bio-degradable and recycled packaging, and use water-based inks for printing our labels and stationery. 

Welcome to #PureIndia

Welcome to Omved Therapies.

We Pledge To Deliver

We pledge to deliver 100% chemical-free products that are safe for you and the earth. Made with natural and organic ingredients, we ensure complete pampering for your skin, hair and wellness routine.

What are we made of?

We are made of authentic and ethical ingredients that are specifically curated for your holistic wellness; be it our skin care, hair care, aromatherapy or the wellness range.