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Your bundle of joy deserves the best.

Omved Baby's First Pillow:

Omved Baby's first Pillow is customized for head support, prevention of flathead syndrome and comforting sleep. Organic aromatherapy pillows, filled with selective tiny-sized mustard seeds and gently aromatic Lavender flowers.

Omved Baby Oil:

Omved Baby Oil is an all-in-one ultimate baby massage oil, with extra-virgin coconut oil as base, for soft radiant skin, and deep nourishment. This gentle baby oil can be used as soon as birth.

Omved Baby Bib:

Omved Baby bib compress is packed with the goodness of Ajwain, Flaxseeds, and other herbs that soothe a baby's discomfort and effectively decongest.

  • 100% PLANT-BASED, free from toxic chemicals and contaminants.
  • AUTHENTIC OIL Taila Paka Vidhi preparation method.
  • GMP CERTIFIED unit processed to ensure complete safety and efficacy.
  • PILLOW HYGIENE: removable, washable cotton cover.

    Best Seller Combo comes with

    1. Omved Baby's First Pillow
    2. Omved Baby's Oil
    3. Omved Baby Compress Cold / Colic Relief

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    The pillow is safe to use for newborns. So you can start using the pillow immediately.

    You cannot wash the pillow, but you can certainly wash the outer cover of the pillow. Remove the cotton cover and wash it with a chemical-free detergent. You can place the pillow in sunlight for a few hours once in a month.

    Yes, you can use the massage oil every day.

    We recommend using the double warming on the gas top to warm the oil.

    After removing the outer cover, place the bib in microwave with a glass of water for a minute and slip it back in cover. Check the warmness before placing it around neck-chest area of the baby. Can be used as frequently as desired according to baby's comfort.

    Customer Reviews

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    Drishti Jain

    amazing product

    natural & safe

    I highly recommend the Omved Baby Best Seller Combo for anyone looking for natural and safe baby care products

    fantastic set

    The Omved Baby Best Seller Combo is a fantastic set of products. Baby oil which has coconut extract which has kept my baby's skin soft and healthy

    great investment

    The Omved Baby Best Seller Combo is a great investment, the natural ingredients are gentle and safe for babies


    I am extremely satisfied with the Omved Baby Best Seller Combo