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Extra large, Non toxic charcoal discs

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These 100% natural charcoal briquettes are ideal for aromatherapy use and have large bowl-like cavity to burn dhoop, incense, bukhoor, bakhoor, dhakoon, resins and herbs.

  • PLANT-BASED; made with coconut husks, bamboo, roots etc
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC; no saltpeter, sulphur or chemical additives
  • LONG BURNTIME& CLEAN BURNING with negligible odour

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  • Made from organic ingredients like coconut husks, bamboo, woods and roots.

  • Extra-large with deep cavity makes burning aromatic resins, effective effortless and non-messy.

  • These charcoal briquettes light fast and also burn 3 times longer than the self-lighting variety.

Power ingredients

Indian laurel (Litsea glutinosa) tree - Popularly knowen as Maida lakdi, its bark is powdered and used in our charcoals. Being naturally anti-fungal, this is also 'skin friendly' for our incense making artisans, because it keeps their hands and work place clean.

Coconut Husks - Waste coconut shells and husks in our charcoals, help them burn longer than regular charcoal, and generate less smoke.

Step 1: Hold tablet using Omved charcoal holder.

Step 2: Light the edge over any flame (candle, stove flame etc.)

Step 3: Wait till red-hot, should be a light grey all over.

Step 4: Set tablet in an Omved incense burner.

Step 5: Sprinkle incense in charoal cavity.

Caution: Always place tablet on a heat-safe surface. Do not leave a burning charcoal tablet unattended.

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Charcoal briquettes are integral to the burning of incense powder or dhoop for sacred rituals, space cleansing, meditation and aura purification. Since this involves influencing the subconscious mind, it is vital that the charcoal used therein should be non-toxic. Omved Organic Charcoal tablets are completely made from plant sources without any chemical toxic additioves or binders. They burn slow and smooth without producing irritating smoky by-products.


Our charcoal briquettes are the perfect accompaniment to burn the dhoops or the loose incense powders.

  • Hold tablet using Omved charcoal holder.
  • Light the edge over any flame (candle, stove flame etc.)
  • Wait till red-hot, should be a light grey all over.
  • Set tablet in an Omved incense burner.
  • Sprinkle incense in charcoal cavity.

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