Palm Wax Tea-Light Candles

Soot-Free Tea Candles

₹ 168.64

Supported by clean-burn technology (minimal smoke and soot) and a natural lead-free wick, make our our Palm wax tealight candles the ideal choice for aromatherapy diffusers.

  • NATURAL - 100% vegetable palm wax, no crude oils, petroleum or toxic chemicals
  • LONG BURNING - Burns slower, brighter and lasts longer up to 2.5 hrs
  • IDEAL FOR THERAPY - Smokeless, unscented, low temperature oil burn
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Specially designed for effective aromatherapy, the wax in our Tea-Lights have a higher melt point, ensuring our candles burn slower, for the most efficient diffusion of aroma oils.


  • 100% natural, our candles are made using biodegradable, non-GMO palm wax; a renewable source. No trees are harvested, only their fruit are used to make the palm wax.

  • Free of any toxic petrochemical ingredients (like paraffin), these hand-poured candles are also cruelty-free (no beeswax).

  • These are specially made for burning indoors. Remember you breathe what you burn!

Power ingredients

Step 1: Light the candle and place under the empty space of a diffuser.

Step 2: Fill the diffuser well with water and add 3-4 drops of any of our blended essential oils to engulf yourself in a calming aroma.


Tea light candles are often used in homes in diffusers and tea light holders to add a decorative element to your living spaces. The commonly available candles are made with parrafin that spread toxic fumes. Omved's tea light candles are made with parrafin wax that are non-toxic. These candles are also free from beeswax as the candles are vegan.


Our palm-wax tea light candles are specificcally made for our diffusers. They are 100% vegan and have a higher melt point, that ensures that the tea-light candles burn slower and provide an efficient diffusion of aroma oils.

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