Purify Essential Oil Blend

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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Discover inner wisdom and peace as this synergistic blend of aromatics sanctify the air of bad energy and bugs while taking you into a meditative state of calm. The mesmerizing earthy, slightly floral aroma helps you to 'settle' yourself inside, making it ideal during times of high stress, anger or sadness.

  • 100% PURE BLEND - Frankincense, Holy basil, Vetiver, and Palmarosa essential oils, no fillers, synthetic additives or perfumes
  • THERAPEUTIC GRADE - finest quality oils that tests 100% pure, natural & true to botanical for therapeutic benefit.
  • MULTI-USE - Suitable for use on skin and hair and in aroma diffusers and burners.
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Sweet, Earthy, Floral Aroma | Grounding, Calming, Meditative.

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Our 100% natural and therapeutic grade PURIFY essential oil is a a unique blend of natural deodorizers and disinfectants like refreshing Vetiver, naturally protective Frankincense, purifying Holy Basil and welcoming Palmarosa essential oils, masterfully formulated to purify the air, eliminate unwanted odors and keep germs at bay. Purify can also clear, refresh, and protect your energy field, helping to dispel feelings of anxiety and replace them with confidence, self-esteem, joy, and peace.


  • GERM FIGHTER - Keep your environment free from germs and viruses the natural way with this synergistic blend of essential oils known for their antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Purify is a natural alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants and air fresheners.

  • IMMUNE SUPPORT - Surround yourself with the purifying and protective energy of nature’s healing force with this incredible combination of Ayurvedic aromatics that help to purify not only the environment but also support a healthy immune system. Feel the instant uplift in your spirit with its lively aroma. It can also increase alertness and mindfulness.

  • DE-ODORISE - Harnessed from nature's powerful aromatic botanicals, each a potent odor killer and room deodorizer superstar, Purify aroma blend helps neutralise unwanted odors to create an ambience of freshness and purity. It doesn't cover up odors but works to eliminate them. Freshen up all musty and stale areas, leaving them airy, bright and clean-smelling.

Power ingredients

Vetiver - With its warm, woodsy scent Vetiver helps makes your room a warm and welcoming place to be. Wonderful oil to restore vitality when feeling burnt out and exhausted. Vetiver suppresses stale odours and imparts a subtle freshness to the room and is also thought to help cleanse the aura - the energy field around the body. Vetiver or Khus helps to balance vata and pitta, and induces relaxation in hyperactive brain.

Frankincense - Used in aroma therapy since millennia to sweeten and purify the air and ward off infection, Frankincense unmatched is a natural air cleanser. Being high in sesquiterpenes, it can go through the blood brain barrier and because of the sesquiterpenes, it may also help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands. Frankincense may also help a person have a better attitude, which may help to strengthen the immune system.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) - An enticing aroma that purifies the atmosphere from unwanted germs while also helping to calm the mental hyperactivity and induces tranquillity. Great for all respiratory problems, asthma etc., this vata, kapha pacifying holy herb is believed to absorb negativity. An uplifting oil, so add some to an atomizer and spray outside for a natural mosquito repellent and a well-deserved mood boost!


Step 1: DIFFUSION: Add 2-3 drops to your favorite Omved aromatherapy diffuser to purify air and emotions.

Step 2: EMOTIONAL THERAPY: Add to water and use as an air freshener, on your meditation mat or pillow for spiritual grounding.

Step 3: MIND THERAPY: *Apply on pulse points or on the body as a relaxing massage oil.

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Ayurveda is richly fragrant. Every aspect of treatment and therapy is infused with aromas to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, naturally. Selected for the power of their properties, our essential oil are combined in professional synergy blends by our team of experts. Our 100% pure, unadulterated small-batch essential oils are therapeutic grade - 100% natural & true to botanical. They are produced sustainably and ethically and are stringently tested to ensure their effectiveness, purity, safety and quality. High quality opaque glass tinted bottles, guard the precious, delicate oils from light & UV degradation while glass dropper eases use and avoids contamination. They are vegan & cruelty free and not produced by any gene modification nor are derived from genetically modified organisms.


There are multiple ways to use our pure therapeutic grade essential oils; from cleansing your living spaces to add it to you a skin or a hair care regime!

  1. DIFFUSION: Add 2-3 drops to your favorite Omved aromatherapy diffuser for a restful deep slumber.
  2. EMOTIONAL THERAPY: Add to water and mist in the air or on your pillow and sheets for an all-natural alternative to sleep supplements.
  3. MIND THERAPY: Apply on pulse points or on the body as a deeply restful massage oil.

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