Repel Essential Oil Blend

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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Stay safe with this all-natural powerful DEET-free insect repellent blend formulated with nature's most potent aromatics, to provide effective long-lasting protection from mosquitoes and a wide variety of other biting insects. An earthy aroma so refreshing that it doubles as a body mist.

  • 100% PURE BLEND - Citronella, Lemongrass, and Peppermint essential oils, no fillers, synthetic additives or perfumes.
  • THERAPEUTIC GRADE - Finest quality oils that tests 100% pure, natural & true to botanical, for therapeutic benefit.
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC - Protect yourself from itchy bites, stings, and insect-borne illnesses, without scary chemicals to inhale, compromise your immunity, or stir up your allergies.
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Fresh, Lemony Smell With Sweet Grassy Aroma | Cleansing, Purifying, Rejuvenating.

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Our 100% natural and therapeutic grade REPEL is an aromatic blend of carefully selected essential oils like zesty Peppermint, purifying Lemongrass and naturally, protective Citronella, masterfully formulated to deter pesky insects while being completely safe for kids, pets and you. A great alternative to chemicals and it actually works! Along with providing a long-lasting barrier on your skin that safely repels bugs, it also protects and nourishes your skin! Bonus point - It has a clean, fresh, revitalising scent that is refreshing to wear.


  • BUG-FIGHTER - Deter bugs and mosquitoes from around you with this rare blend of botanicals, which sanitise the atmosphere and a natural, effective, anti-viral and anti-fungal barrier to shield you from nature's outdoor annoyances.

  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC - Protect yourself from itchy bites, stings, and insect-borne illnesses, without scary chemicals to inhale, compromise your immunity, or stir up your allergies. A 100% safe alternative to the chemical-laden bug repellents on the market.

  • SMELL WONDERFUL - Not only keeps the itchy critters away and protects you from potential diseases, but also leaves you and your home smelling fresh! The Repel aroma blend leaves you with a cool, refreshing scent so you don't have to put up with the usual irritant bug spray smell.

Power ingredients

Citronella - Highly repulsive to all kinds of pathogenic insects, including mosquitoes; Citronella has been proven to effectively repel mosquitoes, even for those who usually find themselves a mosquito-magnet. It is additionally beneficial for respiratory ailments like colds and flu, for clearing the mind and even to kill any nasty germs in the air.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) - With its lemony citrusy, refreshing, anti-bacterial aroma, Lemongrass has a cleansing and purifying effect on the air and atmosphere. Lemongrass is quite popular as an insect repellant due to its insecticidal properties and is also an effective insecticide against ticks, termites and dust mites. It also helps to relieve anxiety, stress and tiredness and is a kapha and pitta balancing herb that increases mental alertness.

Peppermint - This refreshing aroma helps to balance kapha, very effective in breathing problems, congestion, stuffy nose etc. Peppermint oil is used to keep ants, bees, and wasps away from your surroundings. The insecticidal properties of Peppermint Oil will help you to deter mosquitoes and flies.


Step 1: DIFFUSION: Add 2-3 drops to your favorite Omved aromatherapy diffuser to repel bugs safely and naturally. 

Step 2: AROMA MIST: Add to water and use as a bug-repellent body mist, air freshener to purify the air or as a household cleaner to sanitize surfaces. 

Step 3: BODY OIL: *Apply on pulse points or on the body as an insect repellent oil. *Mix 6 drops with 1 tsp of your favorite Omved organic pure plant oil. For children or sensitive skin reduce to 1 drop for 1 teaspoon oil. Avoid coconut oil.

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Ayurveda is richly fragrant. Every aspect of treatment and therapy is infused with aromas to enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual well- being. Selected for the power of their properties, our essential oil are combined in professional synergy blends by our team of experts. Our 100% pure, unadulterated small-batch essential oils are therapeutic grade - 100% natural & true to botanical. They are produced sustainably and ethically and are stringently tested to ensure their effectiveness, purity, safety and quality. High quality opaque glass tinted bottles, guard the precious, delicate oils from light & UV degradation while glass dropper eases use and avoids contamination. They are vegan & cruelty free and not produced by any gene modification nor are derive from genetically modified organisms.


There are multiple ways to use our pure therapeutic grade essential oils; from cleansing your living spaces to add it to you a skin or a hair care regime!

  1. DIFFUSION: Add 2-3 drops to your favorite Omved aromatherapy diffuser for a restful deep slumber.
  2. EMOTIONAL THERAPY: Add to water and mist in the air or on your pillow and sheets for an all-natural alternative to sleep supplements.
  3. MIND THERAPY: Apply on pulse points or on the body as a deeply restful massage oil.
  4. PHYSICAL THERAPY: Create a variety of nourishing beauty treatments for skin, hair, bath, and body to give your beauty sleep a serious boost. (*Mix 2 drops with ½ tsp of your favorite Omved organic pure plant oil)

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